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Why Your APIs Aren’t Safe — and What to Do about It

Too many organizations have too many APIs they haven't documented or no longer use. That's a problem for security, said Peter Klimek, of Imperva, in this episode of The New Stack Makers podcast.

Unix Creator Ken Thompson to Keynote SCALE Conference

Ilan Rabinovich, one of the co-founders and conference chair of this weekend's SCALE 20x, in Pasadena, shares the event's 20-year journey in this episode of The New Stack Makers.

How Solvo’s Co-Founder Got the ‘Guts’ to Be an Entrepreneur

A long stint working in intelligence for the Israeli Defense Forces immersed Shira Shamban in cybersecurity — and nurtured her ambition to start her own company. Hear her story in the latest Tech Founder Odyssey podcast.

Ambient Mesh: No Sidecar Required

At CloudNative SecurityCon,'s Marino Wijay and Jim Barton share how service mesh technologies have matured, especially now with the removal of sidecars in Ambient Mesh.

2023 Hotness: Cloud IDEs, Web Assembly and SBOMs

Cloud IDEs are hot, but several other trends are taking shape in 2023 highlighted by Cloud Native Computing Foundation CTO Chris Aniszczyk.

Generative AI: Don’t Fire Your Copywriters Just Yet

For this latest podcast from The New Stack, we discussed ChatGPT with Ryan Johnston, chief marketing officer for Writer, a company that enjoyed an early success in generative AI technologies.

Feature Flags Are Not Just for Devs

The New Stack's second season of the Tech Founders Odyssey "launches" with Edith Harbaugh's startup journey at LaunchDarkly including the company's feature management movement.

Port: Platform Engineering Needs a Holistic Approach

In this latest edition of The New Stack podcast, we spoke with Zohar Einy, CEO of Port, to understand how platform engineering could work in your organization.

Platform Engineering Benefits Developers, and Companies too

In this latest version of The New Stack Makers podcast, we delve more deeply into the emerging practice of platform engineering, with Humanitec's Aeris Stewart, and HashiCorp's Michael Galloway.

What’s Platform Engineering? And How Does It Support DevOps?

Creating a "golden path" for developers can benefit operations engineers too, said Humanitec CEO Kaspar Von Grünberg, in this episode of The New Stack Makers podcast.

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