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The Portworx Architecture for Container Storage in Clusters

Oct 30th, 2017 3:07pm by
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The Portworx Technical Architecture For Storage In Container Clusters

On today’s episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, we are joined by Portworx chief technology officer Goutham Rao as well as by GE Digital Director of Software Engineering Balajee Nagarajan, and GE Digital Senior Director of Big Data Platforms, Venkatesh Sivasubramanian. Recorded at this year’s MesosCon, the group spent some time on the podcast talking about the integration with container orchestrators and storage environments, and how these have impacted both GE and Portworx.

GE’s cloud-based Predix platform service is making use of Portworx technologies, having found the software’s security and technical architecture to be beneficial to running containers in an industrialized environment. Rou noted that this matching was particularly beneficial for those applications running multiple containers, as it allows developers to spend less time writing ‘glue code’ to hold all of the components together across volumes.

Rao went on to explain how Portworx allows for applications to co-exist on the same hardware, as it does not take physical disk and give it to applications, providing a virtual storage volume. “An application is never one single container. To try and take a volume and somehow magically orchestrate this into a distributed application environment, you end up with the architects of the PaaS having to add significant glue around it.”

As the conversation drew to a close, Rao mentioned Portworx’s announcement it will be adding a release to support the container storage interface in the future, “Meant to make integration with a container orchestrator much simpler and hands-off.”

In This Edition:

1:38: An introduction to Portworx and what it does.
3:10: The connection between GE Digital’s cloud-based PaaS, Predix. and Portworx.
6:05: Some of the challenges customers face with storage environments for containers.
13:46: How Portworx built out its technical architecture to be able to provide the service it does.
16:49: How Portworx sees its platform maturing with storage technologies.
17:55: Addressing high availability and stateful containers over the next six months.

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