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Preview The New Stack’s eBooks About Docker and Containers: Launching at OSCON on GitHub

Jul 21st, 2015 1:01pm by and
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A preview of our ebook series about Docker and the container ecosystem is now live on GitHub. Five chapters from the five-book series are ready for you to read, share and discuss, and we welcome your suggestions or corrections. We’ll review the pull requests that people make and decide what to accept, what to discuss or what we politely choose not to use.

Why Post the eBook Preview to GitHub?

We were thinking through how we could possibly publish an ebook in this space and keep it up to date, much less have it be a reflection of the many voices in the Docker and container ecosystem.  That’s when Sam Charrington — principal analyst at The New Stack and editor of the series — suggested we use GitHub and launch it at OSCON, where arguably more GitHub contributors congregate than any other conference or place. It now almost seems implausible to do this any other way, considering how fast this ecosystem is changing. We’re the first to admit, though, that this is an experiment. We’ll be learning as we go.

What the eBook Series Covers

The ebook series will cover the following topics as they relate to Docker and the container ecosystem:

  • An overview of Docker and the container ecosystem.
  • Application development and microservices.
  • Platforms: automation and orchestration.
  • Networking, security and storage.
  • Monitoring and management.

We have posted chapters from the first three ebooks on GitHub. They are:

  • Crossing the Ocean with Containers.
  • Docker Fuels a Rethinking of the Operating System.
  • Adopting Containers in the Enterprise.
  • From Monolith to Microservices.
  • Docker Orchestration Tools.

So please check out the ebook on GitHub: We’d love your feedback.

Finally, we’d like thank Cisco, Docker and IBM — our generous sponsors — for making the ebook series possible. Please explore how these companies are helping to develop this important ecosystem. Each of them are looking more to open source initiatives with projects that are worth investing a little attention in.

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