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Real-Time Visibility and Alerting for Containerized Infrastructure

Sensu discusses its partnership with PagerDuty, an effort to speed monitoring alerts.
Oct 10th, 2019 3:00am by
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Sean Porter
Sean Porter is the creator of the Sensu project and the co-founder and CTO of Sensu Inc, a leader in open source monitoring. Sean is a seasoned systems operator and software developer with a decade of experience in automating infrastructure. As CTO of Sensu Inc, he oversees the development of Sensu, and works with users to better understand how Sensu can help them solve complex monitoring problems.

More than 50% of companies are expected to have transitioned to container technology by 2020. In this not-so-distant future, there will be even more containers and other cloud compute instances, particularly in companies with large IT infrastructure spanning tens of thousands of servers. In addition to completely changing the infrastructure within an organization, containerization also changes practices and workflows for employees. In fact, a Forrester study found that 66% of organizations who adopted containers experienced accelerated developer efficiency, while 75% of companies experienced increase speed when it comes to shipping products. While the benefits are clear, modern operators are the ones who will be the first to face and adapt to this inevitable shift.

For modern operators tasked with monitoring these large, ephemeral environments, visibility and uptime are critical — operations teams need to be alerted of issues in real-time, addressing any problems (such as a slow or unresponsive application) before they impact users.

Because Sensu is a multicloud monitoring solution, we understand the need for our customers to have deep insight into application health and the ability to route issues to the right teams. That’s why we recently launched our new PagerDuty integration with Sensu Go, marking our official inclusion in PagerDuty’s Integration Partner Program. The integration aims to deliver on the industry-wide need for real-time incident insight, alert fatigue mitigation, and enterprise-scale incident response. Sensu has always been about choosing the right tools for the right job, and PagerDuty is best-in-class for incident management.

Plus, many of our customers already use PagerDuty for their alerting and notification systems. As our mutual customer LaunchDarkly noted, “We use Sensu to monitor our services deployed across several AWS cloud accounts and rely on PagerDuty as our primary notification system. With this deeper integration between these two toolsets, we can remain confident that we’ll continue to have real-time notifications of issues before they become customer-facing incidents.”

More insight into incidents allows for quicker and more intelligent responses to problems as they arise, allowing organizations to move quickly to address problems before they affect users. With the increased insight Sensu offers, plus PagerDuty’s incident response platform, enterprises can put total confidence in their ability to be made aware of and respond to incidents before users are impacted.

As noted above, container adoption is only set to increase. The fact that organizations are often implementing this new technology alongside legacy systems leads to even more complexity when it comes to maintaining visibility — making it even more critical that we design monitoring and alerting solutions that can keep up with this dynamic new normal.

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