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Running Mesos Application Frameworks on Kubernetes with the Universal Resource Broker

Jan 5th, 2018 11:40am by
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#155: Running Mesos Application Frameworks On Kubernetes With The Universal Resource Broker

In this discussion from KubeCon and CloudNativeCon 2017, The New Stack Analysts take a deep dive into Univa’s Universal Resource Broker (URB). We learned how this open source adapter allows Kubernetes and Mesos workloads to run on the same infrastructure. TNS founder Alex Williams was joined by Univa Corporation chief technology officer and business developer Fritz Ferstl, and Thrashing Code software architect Adron Hall.

“I know a lot of groups want to containerize [their applications]. Bring over the modularization and isolation without worrying about the 30-year-old hardware that it runs on,” said Hall.

Ferstl added that people running Kubernetes rather than Mesos may look at it and say, “There is something useful there, I can work with that. Rather than try to force code into Kubernetes, I can take something like the URB that just runs it.”

When containerizing workloads on Mesos, the Data Center Operating System (DCOS) is the environment often chosen to run them. If a user is running workloads in Mesos and they want to move the workload to Kubernetes, Ferstl explained how the URB works to implement the Mesos API.

“We co-opted the API of Mesos, so the Mesos frameworks talk to our master just the way we talk to the Mesos master,” he said. “In the end, the Mesos framework doesn’t notice.”

In This Edition:

1:34: The history behind the Universal Resource Broker (URB).
8:50: If one is running workloads in Mesos and wants to move them to Kubernetes, how does the URB work?
13:59: How the market is shifting in terms of the technology NavOps is developing.
25:00: Resource management and cluster utilization on Kubernetes.
27:40: Optimization of resources and service mesh.
30:28: The challenge of virtualized networking.

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