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Hoodies and Box-Wine, Plus, Matt Ray Loves Windows – Software Defined Talk Podcast #21

31 Jan 2015 9:27am, by
Software Defined Talk Podcast

With big announcements from Microsoft recently, we talk about Windows 10 and what the Lawnmowerman has been up to in RedMond; overall, we like it. We also discuss the recent elections in OpenStack world and if they mean anything. It’s topped with some meandering about what the fuck “hybrid cloud” means anyhow.

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With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.

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Show Notes

The Reboot of Microsoft

Cloud SOTU from Coté

OpenStack, Cloud

  • OpenStack ElectionsRandy’s pitch.Does this mean the voice of the operators is gone?
  • OpenStack still hard.
  • Rackspace joins the vCloud Air Network – managed cloud FTW! It’s hybrid cloud!
  • Speaking of, what exactly do people use hybrid cloud for? Bursty workloads, but what’s that? HPC, CI/CD…

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