That Swing in the Back Room, That’s Not for Kids… Software Defined Talk #24

19 Feb 2015 7:51pm, by
Software Defined Talk Podcast

With HDS buying Pentaho, we look at the BI and data markets, and then discuss Apple Pay and the finer points of task and project management when you’re not a software developer. Get ready for some ranting.

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Show notes

  • If you like video, see this episodes’ video recording.
  • Chip Holden is spec’in’ like a boss on TOSCA.
  • Come see Coté talk at the Pivotal Roadshows, and check out ChefConf in the new, bigger venue. The little dog will be there!
  • HDS buys Pentaho – “On the IT side, HDS plans to integrate Pentaho’s technologies into its own analytics platforms as part of solutions for health care, machine-to-machine computing, public safety, automotive and connected cars, and energy, Eggleston said.”
  • Also, turns out OpenText bought Actuate a short while ago! (In Dec 2014 for “approximately $330m.”). TIBCO bought Jaspersoft. Not much left here!
  • Prediction: if you want to be in analytics, you’ll need to do a vertical take on it…or be mega-awesome like Tableau. E.g.: Splunk seems to have worked well in applying analytics to a specific vertical.
  • DataDog acquired Mortar Data – why do startups need to exist?
  • Epic Docker Rant of the Week from Cal Leeming – pot-holes along the upward hype-slope.
  • We need more labs, consumer reports style. WiseGate, TrustRadius, Peerlyst.
  • Apple Pay reviews. Great idea so far, now if it’ll just be less awkward to use.
  • BusyContacts 1.0 is out. From the people who make BusyCal.
  • Slack has 500k users now. Also, Slack has a paradigm…100% or bust!
  • Coté’s to-do list rant. OmniFocus is good for one person, Trello good for groups. Matt Ray holds up the Kanban book.
  • As he gratuitously mentions several times, Coté was on Speaking In Tech this week. If you don’t already subscribe to it, you should: it’s a great weekly tech podcast for our type of people!


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