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That Swing in the Back Room, That’s Not for Kids… Software Defined Talk #24

Feb 19th, 2015 7:51pm by
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With HDS buying Pentaho, we look at the BI and data markets, and then discuss Apple Pay and the finer points of task and project management when you’re not a software developer. Get ready for some ranting.

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Show notes

  • If you like video, see this episodes’ video recording.
  • Chip Holden is spec’in’ like a boss on TOSCA.
  • Come see Coté talk at the Pivotal Roadshows, and check out ChefConf in the new, bigger venue. The little dog will be there!
  • HDS buys Pentaho – “On the IT side, HDS plans to integrate Pentaho’s technologies into its own analytics platforms as part of solutions for health care, machine-to-machine computing, public safety, automotive and connected cars, and energy, Eggleston said.”
  • Also, turns out OpenText bought Actuate a short while ago! (In Dec 2014 for “approximately $330m.”). TIBCO bought Jaspersoft. Not much left here!
  • Prediction: if you want to be in analytics, you’ll need to do a vertical take on it…or be mega-awesome like Tableau. E.g.: Splunk seems to have worked well in applying analytics to a specific vertical.
  • DataDog acquired Mortar Data – why do startups need to exist?
  • Epic Docker Rant of the Week from Cal Leeming – pot-holes along the upward hype-slope.
  • We need more labs, consumer reports style. WiseGate, TrustRadius, Peerlyst.
  • Apple Pay reviews. Great idea so far, now if it’ll just be less awkward to use.
  • BusyContacts 1.0 is out. From the people who make BusyCal.
  • Slack has 500k users now. Also, Slack has a paradigm…100% or bust!
  • Coté’s to-do list rant. OmniFocus is good for one person, Trello good for groups. Matt Ray holds up the Kanban book.
  • As he gratuitously mentions several times, Coté was on Speaking In Tech this week. If you don’t already subscribe to it, you should: it’s a great weekly tech podcast for our type of people!


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