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It’s a Hipster Thing, Don’t Worry About It — Software Defined Talk #29

Apr 19th, 2015 8:25am by
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Is there Buc-ee’s bubble? Fighting a bad network connection, we discuss cloud-native versus cloud-immigrant applications and the platforms that support them. We also briefly touch on AWS and HP seeming to exit the public cloud.

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Show Notes

Wither “Data center Operating Systems”

Microsoft’s Nano Server and Hyper-V Containers

  • Nano servers.
  • New containers.
  • Some analysis by Tim Anderson.
  • TPM on the Windows Server footprint: “With Microsoft trying to get an installed base of more than eight million Windows Server 2003 machines upgraded before the middle of summer, when tech support ends, this year was not a good time to muddle the market message with a new server version of Windows.” But does this apply to “legacy” workloads, or is it the same “only-cloud-native-apps-need-apply story,” as for most container platforms?

AWS Announcements

HP Public Cloud Re-positioning

Bonus Links We Missed This Week

Weekly OpenStack Check-in

  • OpenStack losing luster?
  • “The worst thing for OpenStack right now is Red Hat,” McKenty says.
  • As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, with the entire software industry working on one project (minus Amazon and Google), how could politics and in-fighting possibly derail it?
  • Oh wait, OpenStack’s fine but boring.
  • “OpenStack, ultimately, is a feature not a product. And that’s not a bad thing.”

New Sputniks are Out



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