“All Drone, no Cattle” and Coping with Christmas for Nerds – Software Defined Talk Podcast #019

20 Dec 2014 11:06am, by
Software Defined Talk Podcast

In the last show of the year we talk about coping with Christmas, AWS spinning out, security black swans, robot obsessed tech companies, and, as always, our recommendations for the week.

With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.

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Show notes

Whacky Predictions

  • Coté wants to see more coding businesses, more Ubers. Matt: “Anytime I talk on the phone with someone, I think, this should be computerized.”
  • Matt: big open source acquisition.
  • Brandon: Yahoo does merge with AOL. SaaS monitor oligopoly established. He’d like to see the podcast replace the webinar.