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Software Defined Talk: Fried Chicken, Docker Swarm, Tech Journalism

Jul 5th, 2016 1:27pm by
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Is anyone minding the business side of these container orchestration plays? That’s the main topic we discuss in this 67th episode of the Software Defined Talk podcast, after doing over recent Docker announcements. We then discuss the state of tech journalism and throw out a free business plan for left-ish fried chicken slinging.

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With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.

Show notes


Brook & Bob memorial segment, On the Tech Media

Apple & ZFS

  • More detail than you’d care to want from Adam Leventhal. It’s like a story of the ups and (mostly) downs of enterprise infrastructure software. Also, the flirtation nature of announcements that keeps eager nerd-beavers on tender-hooks.

BONUS LINKS! Not covered in show

Infrastructure Software is Dead, or, “With friends like these…”

  • Hard truths from Mirantis:
  • Quote: “Everybody’s OpenStack software is equally bad.”
  • Quote: “But none of this matters, because today customers don’t care about software. Customers care about outcomes.” (Because, you know, they used to not care about outcomes…? Plz. advise.)

Infrastructure Investments by Cloud Service Providers

10-hour Maintenance Windows on Oracle Cloud?

Operational Best Practices for Serverless

  • Charity Major’s write-up from her talk at the #Serverlessconf
  • If you chose a provider, you do not get to just point your finger at them in the post mortem and say it is the provider’s fault. You chose them, it’s on you. It’s tacky to blame the software or the service, and besides your customers don’t give a shit whose “fault” it is.

Checking in on CostCo


Check out the full show notes for further links to the recommendations, conferences, and tech news items we didn’t get to cover here.

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