What news from AWS re:Invent last week will have the most impact on you?
Amazon Q, an AI chatbot for explaining how AWS works.
Super-fast S3 Express storage.
New Graviton 4 processor instances.
Emily Freeman leaving AWS.
I don't use AWS, so none of this will affect me.

Software Defined Talk: Let’s Hope Google Isn’t Serious about ‘NoOps’

Mar 30th, 2016 11:47am by
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Last week, Google held its first-ever conference for the company’s Google Cloud Platform, GCP Next. There, the company talked about “NoOps,” which was posited as the cloud-based serverless architecture successor to DevOps. Is Google serious about this? On the face of it, we hope not and extensively discuss why, in the 58th episode of the Software Defined Talk podcast. Meanwhile, what’s up with open source and Trotskyites?

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Show Notes

  • Follow-up: Jake has an update to that CMP slide.
  • Coté’s March DevOps column: They kind of added some extra commentary in the headline, but whatever.
  • Rise of the Docker Pattern, RedMonk: Cogent breakdown of Docker’s significance, comment in comments about hardware lifecycles is legit.
  • And a rebuttal :) — “So is Docker ready for your enterprise app today? Probably not. But if the developers are to be believed, they have a big role to play in defining the future of enterprise virtualization and application development. ”
  • TNS Container Survey.
  • Docker Acquisition: Aurora’s one of the schedulers for Mesos. Hiring for Mesosphere/K8s competition?
  • PaaS Vendors splitting down lines: Not a ton of new info, could really use an explanation of which vendor does what and why they choose what they choose. K8s: Google, CoreOS, Red Hat, Apprenda. CloudFoundry: Pivotal, Cisco, IBM. Mesosphere: Microsoft. Docker.  “The PaaS market is still viewed as the smallest of the three major cloud models, garnering somewhat less interest compared to software as a service and infrastructure as a service markets.”
  • Apprenda and k8.
  • Docker Swarm vs. Kubernetes.
  • Borg, Omega and Kubernetes in ACM.
  • SQL Server on Linux!!! — Didn’t see that coming. Availability: “We are bringing the core relational database capabilities to preview today, and are targeting availability in mid-2017.” They can avoid in the top #SunWTF theories: they got friendly with Linux too late. Linus won.
  • OS/2 Blue Lion! — First release since 1996.
  • IBM is Dying.


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