Software Defined Talk: Advertising, Antitrust, and Talking to Strangers

8 Jul 2017 6:00pm, by

Without advertising, there would be no capitalism, and, if you’re not constantly afraid of the Department of Justice knocking at your door, you’re probably doing it wrong. Those are two wacky theories about advertising and antitrust, at least. With Matt Ray on vacation, Brandon and Coté talk about Tim Wu’s 2016 book “The Attention Merchants and the recent Google European Union antitrust ruling. We also discuss several other books, and how to talk to non-tech people at parties. Surprisingly, no container talk!

This episode features Brandon Whichard, and myself, Coté.

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Michael Coté is Director of Technical Marketing for Pivotal. Brandon Whichard is a Product Manager for IBM. Matt Ray is a Solutions Architect for Chef Software. The views expressed on the Software Defined Talk podcast do not reflect those of The New Stack nor its sponsors.