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Software Defined Talk: The Container Orchestration Landrush

Apr 8th, 2016 12:13pm by
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After discussing the conclusion of season six of “The Walking Dead,” the Software Defined Talk crew go over the abundance of options in the container orchestration market and some tips on having more effective meetings. They also discuss what it means that Brocade bought StackStorm and the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Austin later this month.

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Show notes

  • If you like video, see this episodes’ video recording.
  • The incestuous relations among containers orchestration tools.
  • Puppet Labs now just Puppet.
  • Coté’s BigCo thriving thing spring loaded into presentations and dead horses.
  • Why don’t people do the six-page Amazon memo?
  • Brocade buys StackStorm — Brocade buying StackStorm for its OpenStack Mistral project: “Several companies used the StackStorm open-source software, including MasterCard, Netflix, SendGrid, and Target, but StackStorm had fewer than 10 paying customers for its enterprise tier, Powell said.”
  • Follow-up: Comment on open source and graveyards: “The reason my small company of 30 talk about it is because we develop call center software, and it’s seen by director level and up as a silver bullet. Open source is seen as a way to not pay for software, to save licensing. So I think for most people who don’t think deeply about it open source == free and no strings attached.”

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