Get, Post or Go Home?
Should GET and POST be the only HTTP request methods used by developers?
Yes, GET and POST are the only verbs needed.
No, DELETE, PATCH and other requests have their place.

Software Defined Talk: Kubernetes and a Series of Small Bash Scripts

Sep 1st, 2017 3:00pm by
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On Monday, we saw what full-on “digital transformation” looked like when Amazon fully owned Whole Foods. Also, The Software Defined Talk crew discusses Oracle looking to move Java Enterprise Edition to a foundation, closing out a long era of Java stewardship. How will “open source” like this work in a mature market? We also discuss the trend of private equity buying tech firms and GitHub building its own platform with Kubernetes and a series of small Bash scripts.

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Michael Coté is Director of Technical Marketing for Pivotal. Brandon Whichard is a Product Manager for IBM. Matt Ray is a Solutions Architect for Chef Software. The views expressed on the Software Defined Talk podcast do not reflect those of The New Stack nor its sponsors.

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