Software Defined Talk: The High-level WTF on ‘Scheduling’

13 Jun 2016 8:26am, by

In this 65th episode of Software Defined Talk, the SDT crew discuss workload scheduling, starting with Mesos. Co-hosts Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Michael Coté careen from CONTROL-M to Lambda, along with Cloud Foundry and serverless. So get ready to beat a horse into glue. Plus, how to handle gifts for father’s day and the usual recommendations at the end.

Check out the full show notes for links to the recommendations, conferences, and tech news items we didn’t get to cover.

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Father’s Day

What exactly is scheduling?

Serverless, what’s the deal?

Not covered in show:

Somebody’s using Kubernetes

AWS & Australia News

Coté’s revamped Pivotal Conversations Podcast

Typosquatting Package Managers

  • Seriously messed up.
  • “In the thesis itself, several powerful methods to defend against typo squatting attacks are discussed. Therefore, they are not included in this blog post.”

A Docker on every HPE Server


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