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Software Defined Talk: PCI Compliance, Cloud Usage Patterns, and the Allure of Docker

Feb 26th, 2016 2:05pm by
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After discussing PCI and the proper soundtrack for reading such stuff, this episode of the Software Defined Talk podcast goes over the 2016 RightScale cloud survey (it seems cloud is a thing!). Also discussed is Docker and the IDC estimate that global IT spending in 2016 will be around $2.6 trillion, with the US seeing growth but the rest of the world sort of slowing down. Also, Instant coffee recommendations are proffered.

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Show Notes

  • If you like video, see this episodes’ video recording.
  • Instant coffee recommendations: Have your pick, but Coté recommends the “Via Roma Espresso Instant Coffee” (not available on Amazon, he got it at HEB).
  • 2016 IT Spending. IDC asserted “Spending on cloud infrastructure was also strong throughout the year, resulting in growth of 16 percent for the server market and 10 percent for storage systems.” Spending on enterprise software rose seven per cent, as organizations snapped up analytics, security, and collaborative applications. “There’s nobody riding to the rescue from developing economies in 2016. Russia and Brazil are in the doldrums and while India is surging, expected eight per cent growth from the sub-continent represents a fall from last year’s 13 percent and won’t, therefore, be enough to lift global growth rates … At least, the United States is doing better: its predicted four percent growth will make it a standout and certainly contrasts with IDC’s prediction that Western European spending will grow by an anemic one percent.”
  • RightScale’s State of the Cloud and Ben Kepes summary: A total of 1,060 respondents “including both users (17 percent) and non-users (83 percent) of RightScale solutions.” Also, the “maturity cycle (page 23) of cloud use seems to be: move workloads (“raw VMs”) to cloud, optimizing cost, and then doing dev (CI/CD) while continuing to move more workloads — the old burn out the underbrush first/mise en place before cooking.
  • CIOs Aren’t ready for Docker: Choice quotes: “What would businesses lose if Docker or its competitors disappear?” “Container technologies are the latest in long line of open source software, virtualization and DevOps tools that are consumed by developers before they get buy-in from CIOs” and, Redmonk analyst Fintan Ryan,  “What CIOs are ultimately looking for is the ability to solve business problems faster than their competitors, while reducing risk, adhering to regulatory requirements and increasing efficiency.”


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