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Software Defined Talk: Silicon Valley has Passed Peak Ping Pong

May 6th, 2016 12:06pm by
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This week in the Software Defined Talk podcast, episode #62, we discuss DevOpsDays Austin, Pivotal’s funding round, and some follow-up for the OpenStack Summit. It turns Gartner doesn’t hate OpenStack after all. Also, with the new ping-model out, we discuss the potential for peak ping pong.

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Show Notes

  • If you like video, see this episodes’ video recording.

DevOpsDays Austin earlier this week

Pivotal gets a series C

  • The company has received $253 million with new investors Ford and Microsoft. Existing: GE, EMC, and VMware.
  • Momentum by penetration. According to Pivotal: “30 percent of the Fortune 100 currently work with Pivotal… The company now works with seven of the top 10 U.S. banks, three of the top five global auto manufacturers, and five of the top 10 telecommunication companies.”
  • Momentum by run-rate: “Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Big Data Suite having crossed the $200 million and $100 million annual bookings run-rate milestones, respectively.”
  • Momentum by logos: “GE, Ford, Verizon, Home Depot, Comcast, Humana, Lockheed Martin, and Allstate”
  • “Person familiar” says Pivotal now has a $2.8bn valuation. From the same article, Ford’s chunk is $182.2m.

Gartner actually “likes” OpenStack

  • OpenStack and Gartner: The Facts — Alan Waite
  • Good representation of many things: how difficult it is to be “part of the conversation” with a paywall.
  • The perception of Gartner is usually skewed.
  • Tip: always read the primary source, be it a Gartner PDF or a talk, etc.

Ping Pong and the Tech Bubble?



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