Will real-time data processing replace batch processing?
At Confluent's user conference, Kafka co-creator Jay Kreps argued that stream processing would eventually supplant traditional methods of batch processing altogether.
Absolutely: Businesses operate in real-time and are looking to move their IT systems to real-time capabilities.
Eventually: Enterprises will adopt technology slowly, so batch processing will be around for several more years.
No way: Stream processing is a niche, and there will always be cases where batch processing is the only option.

Software Defined Talk: Snap Spends IPO Billions on the Cloud

Feb 14th, 2017 3:00am by
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Fresh from its initial public offering, Snap is looking to spend billions on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud over the next five years. In this new episode of the Software Defined Talk podcast, we talk about what exactly that could be for, then check in with Google’s social strategy and thermostat strategies; meanwhile, America wants to start gathering passwords at the border. Also, Brandon lays out the case that an open-core monitoring startup is a hard row to hoe.

This episode features Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.

Listen to the podcast here.

See full show notes here.

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