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Software Defined Talk: Trouble Ahead for OpenStack?

Aug 29th, 2016 7:15am by
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In this episode of the Software Define Talk podcast, we discuss Rackspace going private and the OpenStack cloud scenarios that could have been. We also cover Matt Ray’s first trip to New Zealand where, sadly, he finds no Power Ranger monuments. Also, a little bi-modal flavor for ya.

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The episode features Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray and Michael Coté.

Show notes

RAX goes private for $4.3 billion

OpenStack dead, again.

  • “Tough Times Ahead,” from WeaveWorks’ Matthew Lodge.
  • “There was a time when it was hard to read an article about OpenStack without hearing about ‘pets vs. cattle,’ and OpenStack was designed to herd cattle”
  • “It has itself become a big, complex pet, which is why Mirantis and others can make a living providing services, software and training.”

Innovation is hard, especially business-wise

BONUS LINKS! Not Covered in Show

AWS Sentinel is Coming

  • Skunkworks-ish project from AWS for managed services. Potentially lots of partner conflict.
  • Managed services providers “need to work with customers to convert their infrastructure to Platform-as-a-Service using microservices architecture,” said one AWS partner. “They also need to bring DevOps into the heart of the organization. Unfortunately, most MSPs don’t have the developers that truly understand this.”
  • “Few AWS Partners Are Really Surprised By Sentinel’s Emergence.”

MariaDB switches away from open source license

Hashicorp Shuts Down Otto

  • Interesting to see an open source project publicly shut down.

Microsoft Open Sources Powershell


  • Brandon: first US college football game in Australia.
  • Matt: Rugby, help me learn it.
  • Coté: BCG on two-speed IT; Wizard of Oz series.
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