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Software Defined Talk: If You’re Doing Pagination, You’re Not Doing Agile

Nov 8th, 2016 10:03am by
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Is agile software development a fantasy in practice? This is what we discuss, in this 77th edition of the Software Defined Talk podcast, along with a short tale of the best Uber driver ever.

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This episode features Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.

Show Notes


The Best Uber Driver Ever

Coté’s Agile piece

BONUS LINKS! Not covered in this episode.

OpenStack Anyone?

  • There was a Summit going on in Barcelona.
  • 35 percent annual growth sounds good.
  • With friends like these…: “Ubuntu founder and product lead at Canonical Mark Shuttleworth says he feels validated by his earlier claims that the expansion of OpenStack projects — known as the ‘big tent’ approach — would collapse and that the community needs to focus on its core services.”
  • Bullshit-as-a-Service: “My rule of thumb is if you’re not [creating] virtual networks, compute or disks, and you can’t survive on AWS, you are never going to survive on OpenStack. That’s the bullshit-as-a-service story.”
  • On the Other Hand: “If you do these things the old fashioned way with Puppet, Chef and Ansible, they can be incredibly expensive because now you need the experts for everything,” he says. “If you do them with Juju and Charms, you’re sharing the cost of operational code with everybody else using those Charms.”
  • Meanwhile: 451 says “OpenStack revenues to grow at a 35 percent CAGR and exceed $5 billion by 2020.” See chart in my newsletter from this week.

New York Times Buys The Wirecutter for $30 Million

  • Good write-up about how The Wirecutter is/was very different from Gizmodo and the like.
  • Commentary here and here.

Adrian Cockcroft Moves to AWS

  • This is like the Warriors getting Kevin Durant, if the Warriors had won the championship last season.

AWS Server Migration Service

RackN gets Funding

Microsoft cloud annualized run rate hits $13 billion in strong first quarter

  • “The company now claims that its commercial cloud annualized run rate has passed $13 billion (it was $12.1 billion last quarter) and that the gross margin of its commercial cloud business is up 7 points quarter-on-quarter to 49 percent.”
  • Azure revenue growth was 116 percent last quarter; now have 11 percent market share compared to Amazon’s 31 percent.



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