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Sound Bytes: Riding the Tidal Wave of Docker Integrations

Aug 24th, 2016 9:36am by
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The DockerCon 2016 conference saw a variety of significant new releases not only from Docker but from the container ecosystem as a whole. At this year’s event, Docker announced not only its new built-in orchestration service but a host of improvements and collaboration across the container ecosphere.

In the following episodes of The New Stack Makers embedded below, we present two short interviews. The first features Goutham Rao, founder and chief technology officer of container storage provider PortworxVic van Gool, chief technology officer and founder of PaaS software provider Cloud 66, and Cloud 66 CEO Khash Sajadi. Both were interviewed by The New Stack founder Alex Williams during DockerCon 2016.

TNS Sound Bytes: Riding the Tidal Wave of Docker Integrations

Portworx utilizes an asynchronous replication module to protect its user data, offering high-availability while also allowing container workloads to move, self-provision, and make the most of Docker’s ecosystem tools. “A lot of people in this space have been just taking tools like ZFS and other file systems and re-purposing them to work with containers. They are running into scale issues, and container granularity issues,” Rao said.

TNS Sound Bytes: Khash Sajadi & Vic Van Gool Of Cloud 66 At DockerCon

Cloud 66’s Sajadi highlighted the advantages that containers bring to the enterprise, particularly when contrasted against a more traditional virtualization setup, “I think in general it’s a wave that’s going to pick up a lot of boats along the way. It’s about the core technology that works end to end, and all the auxiliary and peripheral things that need to happen for it to get into the enterprise and get into the business. That’s what we should be focusing on, instead of delivering the issues with the core technology,” he said.

Feature image: Goutham Rao.

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