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Aerospike Real-time Data Platform enables organizations to act instantly across billions of transactions while reducing server footprint up to 80 percent. The Aerospike multi-cloud platform powers real-time applications with a predictable sub-millisecond performance from gigabyte-to petabyte scale.

Ambassador Labs is the cloud native developer experience leader. The company’s developer control plane for Kubernetes integrates the development, deployment, and production infrastructure for developers and organizations worldwide so they can code, ship and run apps faster and easier than ever. Ambassador and TNS are under common control.

Anchore secures your software supply chain with a comprehensive platform that generates and manages SBOMs; validates open source components; identifies vulnerabilities and security risks; streamlines remediation and reporting; and enforces policies for compliance.

The Apollo Supergraph Platform unifies GraphQL across your apps and services, unlocking faster delivery for your engineering teams.

Aqua Security is the largest pure-play cloud native security company, providing the freedom to innovate and accelerate digital transformations. Aqua enables customers to capture the benefits of cloud native without sacrificing the security of their supply chains and production environments. Aqua Security and TNS are under common control.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers trust AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and lower costs.

BMC delivers industry-leading automation, operations, and service management solutions to customers and partners around the world, including 86% of the Forbes Global 50, helping them free up time and space to become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise that conquers the opportunities ahead.

Cerbos is an open source, decoupled and highly scalable access control service for your software. It delivers an API for language-agnostic, rapid and audited role and attribute based authorization.

Chronosphere is the only observability platform that puts you back in control by taming rampant data growth and cloud native complexity, delivering increased business confidence. Engineering organizations trust Chronosphere to help them operate scalable, highly available, and resilient applications.

CircleCI is the leading continuous integration and delivery platform for software innovation at scale. With intelligent automation and delivery tools, CircleCI is used by the world’s best engineering teams to radically reduce the time from idea to execution.

Citrix offers production-grade, fully supported application delivery solutions that provide the most comprehensive integration with Kubernetes platforms and open source tools; greater scale and lower latency; consistent application and API security; and a holistic observability stack.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) hosts critical components of cloud native software stacks, including Kubernetes and Prometheus. CNCF serves as the neutral home for collaboration and brings together the industry’s top developers, end users and vendors.

configure8 consolidates data and knowledge fragmented across clouds, tools, and teams. Now, everyone in your organization can discover essential information about your applications, services, and infrastructure in one place.

Confluent, founded by the original creators of Apache Kafka®️, is pioneering a new category of data infrastructure focused on data in motion. With Confluent’s cloud native offering any organization can easily build and scale next-generation apps needed to run their business in real-time.

Couchbase delivers a high-performance, flexible and scalable modern database that runs across the data center and any cloud. Many of the world’s largest enterprises rely on Couchbase to power the core applications their businesses depend on.

Cox is the largest private telecom company in America, connecting 6.5 million homes and businesses nationwide. Cox is investing in edge capabilities and working with developers and engineers across the ecosystem to deliver low-latency performance compute services.

Curity is a leading IAM and API security technology provider that enables user authentication and authorization for digital services. The Curity Identity Server is highly scalable, handles the complexities of the leading identity standards, making them easier to use, customize and deploy.

DataStax is the real-time data company, delivering the power of Apache Cassandra®—the world’s most scalable database—with advanced Apache Pulsar™ streaming technology in a unified stack, available on any cloud.

Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) is a unique family of businesses that helps organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform how they work, live and play. The company provides customers with the industry’s broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio spanning from edge to core to cloud.

Millions of developers use Docker to build, share, and run applications with an integrated, reliable, and secure workflow that accelerates app delivery from code to the cloud. See how at Docker and TNS are under common control.

EDB provides enterprise-class software and services that enable more than 1,500 organizations worldwide to harness the full power of Postgres, the world’s leading open source database. EDB is one of the leading contributors to Postgres, delivering unparalleled expertise.

As the world’s digital infrastructure company, Equinix connects nearly 10,000 customers across 55+ global metros on its trusted platform. With Equinix Metal, customers can rapidly deploy automated single-tenant infrastructure and interact with 1,800+ networks and 2,900+ cloud and service providers.

FireHydrant gives you incident management for every developer. Integrate your tools, streamline your processes, and quickly resolve incidents — all without leaving Slack.

The Fortinet Security Fabric platform delivers broad, integrated, and automated protections across the entire digital attack surface. Ranked #1 for most security appliances worldwide, more than 580,000 customers trust Fortinet to secure their business and accelerate their digital journey.

Futurewei focuses research on advanced ICT domains that will benefit an intelligent and digital society. By focusing on open innovation beyond traditional ICT industry, we aim to advance these technologies into real world solutions through standardization, open source collaboration and partnering with industrial ecosystems.

GitLab makes it easier for companies to build and deploy software. The One DevOps Platform eliminates point solution tool sprawl and enables teams to more efficiently build software that is secure by design.

Harness, the Software Delivery Platform, automates the entire CI/CD process, allowing engineers to build, test, deploy, and verify their software with enterprise-grade security and speed. Harness uses machine learning to protect you when deployments fail. Software delivery has never been so simple.

Infrastructure enables innovation. HashiCorp provides consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application.

Hazelcast Inc. delivers a real-time data platform that enables enterprises to capture value at every moment. The Hazelcast Platform is a streaming and memory-first application platform for stateful, data-intensive workloads on-premises, at the edge or as a fully managed cloud service.

Honeycomb provides observability for high-performance engineering teams so they can quickly understand what their code does in the hands of real users in unpredictable and highly complex cloud environments. Honeycomb and TNS are under common control.

Humanitec is the Platform Orchestrator at the core of your Internal Developer Platform. It lets platform teams remove bottlenecks by letting them build golden paths for developers. Developers self-serve the tech they need to deploy and operate their apps, driving productivity and velocity.

Imperva helps organizations protect their data and all paths to it. Customers trust Imperva to protect their applications, data, and websites from cyber attacks. With an integrated approach combining edge, application, and data security, Imperva protects companies throughout their digital journey.

InfluxData, creator of the open source time-series platform InfluxDB, empowers developers to build transformative monitoring, analytics and IoT applications quicker and to scale. The platform handles the massive volume of time-stamped data produced by IoT devices, apps, networks and containers.

With over 700 direct operator connections across six continents, Infobip is the number one choice to globally scale your customer communications over the world’s most popular channels including SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp Business, Messenger and many more.

Jit is a self-serve DevSecOps orchestration platform that makes it easy for high-velocity engineering teams, of any size, to achieve continuous security & compliance while increasing dev velocity. Jit implements security-as-code and offers remediation recipes with a Dev-native experience. Jit and TNS are under common control.

Kasten by Veeam® is the Kubernetes backup leader. Its Kasten K10, cloud native data management platform, provides DevOps teams with Kubernetes backup/restore, DR and application mobility. It has deep integrations with relational and NoSQL databases, Kubernetes distributions and clouds providers. Kasten and TNS are under common control.

We are a team of experienced technologists creating open-source tools, which help teams build cloud native applications easier, better, faster. Kubeshop is backed by the most successful investors in the software industry who see Kubernetes as the foundation for building the software of tomorrow. Kubeshop and TNS are under common control.

Lacework is the data-driven cloud security company. It’s the only company to deliver end-to-end visibility and automated insight into risk across multicloud environments so organizations of all shapes and sizes can innovate with speed and safety.

Unleash developer productivity for the software-powered world by fundamentally changing how you deliver software to your customers. With LaunchDarkly’s feature management platform, empowered developers can empower the business to release new features faster and more efficiently than ever. LaunchDarkly and TNS are under common control.

Add logs, metrics and traces to production and staging — directly from your IDE or CLI — in real-time and on-demand. Boost Productivity and gain 100% code-level observability with Lightrun. Lightrun and TNS are under common control.

Loft enables any organization to scale self-service access to Kubernetes from 10 to 10,000 engineers. The team behind Loft is also maintaining several open source projects such as the certified Kubernetes distribution vcluster, the developer tool DevSpace, and the policy engine jsPolicy.

Mezmo, formerly LogDNA, is an observability platform to manage and take action on your data. It ingests, processes, and routes log data to fuel enterprise-level application development and delivery, security, and compliance use cases.

MinIO delivers high-performance, Kubernetes-native object storage. Open source, software-defined and S3 compatible, they are optimized for the multicloud. MinIO runs across any public, private, colo or edge cloud and is performant enough for any primary storage workload, from databases to AI/ML.

Mirantis’ mission is to help ship code faster. Mirantis offers enterprises unprecedented speed to ship code faster across public and private clouds by reducing cloud complexity with real choice, simplicity and security. Mirantis and TNS are under common control.

Headquartered in New York, MongoDB is the developer data platform company empowering innovators to create, transform, and disrupt industries by unleashing the power of software and data.

Neo4j is the company behind the world’s principal graph database, helping organizations make sense of their data by revealing how people, processes, and digital systems are interrelated.  Our focus on connections drives new business value from AI, real-time analysis, and anomaly detection.

NetApp is the data authority for hybrid cloud, providing a full range of data services that simplify management of applications and data across cloud and on-premises environments. NetApp empowers global organizations to unleash the full potential of their data, and foster greater innovation.

NGINX, now a part of F5, is the company behind the popular open source project, NGINX. NGINX offers a suite of technologies to develop and deliver modern applications including NGINX Plus for load balancing, App Protect for security, and NGINX Ingress Controller to get control of Kubernetes.

Okta allows you to protect your web apps, mobile apps, and API services while handling things like authentication, authorization, multifactor authentication, social login, single sign-on, active directory and LDAP synchronization, API authentication, and much more. Never build auth again, use Okta!

Ondat delivers persistent storage volumes directly onto any Kube node. If your data is locked-in to one platform, so is your cluster. With Ondat you are free to put your applications and your data storage where you want. Ensuring industry-leading levels of performance, resilience and dependability.

Oracle offers a wide range of technologies for building, testing, and maintaining applications in the cloud and in your data center. Find free tools and learning resources at

Agentless cloud security and compliance for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes – in a fraction of the time and operational costs of other solutions.

PagerDuty is where urgent, unpredictable, and unstructured work happens in today’s always-changing, always-on digital world. Organizations of all sizes trust PagerDuty for critical work across the modern enterprise including intelligent incident response, AIOps, and process automation.

Prisma Cloud delivers the industry’s broadest security and compliance coverage — for applications, data, and the entire cloud native technology stack — throughout the development lifecycle and across multi- and hybrid-cloud environments.

Portworx is the leading provider of persistent storage for containers and is used in production by healthcare, global manufacturing, and telecom members of the Fortune Global 500 and other great companies. Learn about Portworx solutions for Kubernetes storage, DCOS storage & more at

Puppet by Perforce gives IT operations teams back their time and offers peace of mind with infrastructure automation that enables security and compliance. More than 40,000 organizations rely on Puppet products to empower people to innovate through IT automation.

Rafay Systems’ Kubernetes Operations Platform helps enterprises operate modern application infrastructure across public clouds, data centers, and the Edge — using any K8s distribution. With Rafay, enterprises have automation, security, visibility, and governance of their Kubernetes infrastructure.

Red Hat OpenShift is for innovation without limitation. Bring big ideas to life with the hybrid cloud platform open to any app, team, or infrastructure.

Redis provides a competitive edge to any business by delivering open source and enterprise-grade data platforms to power applications that drive real-time experiences at any scale. Developers rely on Redis to build performance, scalability, reliability, and security into their applications.

ScyllaDB is the database for data-intensive apps that require high performance and low latency. It harnesses the ever-increasing computing power of modern infrastructures — eliminating barriers to scale as data grows. Game-changing companies use ScyllaDB for their toughest database challenges.

Spacelift works with any IaC setup and is capable of working as a self-hosted agent on your infrastructure, therefore offering maximum security without sacrificing the functionality. Our solution is built on top of well-known and well-loved open source components like Docker and Open Policy Agent.

Spectro Cloud is a provider of a complete and integrated platform that enables organizations to easily manage at scale the full lifecycle of any combination of new or existing, simple or complex, small or large Kubernetes environments whether in a data center, bare metal, cloud or edge locations.

Splunk Observability provides full-stack visibility across your infrastructure, applications and business services. Improve customer experience, innovate faster, and run services with greater resiliency, scale and efficiency.

Easiest On-Call with SRE – Squadcast is a cloud-based software that unites on-call alerting & incident management along with Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) workflows under one platform, empowering organizations to improve their incident resolution metrics and the reliability of their systems.

StepZen enables developers to easily build and deploy a single GraphQL API that gets the data they need from multiple backends. The API delivers the right data reliably, irrespective of backend protocols, schemas and authentications. We manage the API so that developers manage zero infrastructure.

StormForge is the leader in cloud native application optimization, making it easy to achieve cloud efficiency without being a Kubernetes expert. StormForge combines enterprise-grade performance testing with machine learning to automatically reduce cloud costs and improve application performance. StormForge and TNS are under common control.

strongDM is the infrastructure access platform for the modern stack, trusted by the Fortune 50 to fast-growing businesses like Peloton, SoFi, and Chime. It gives businesses the control and visibility they need at the speed they want, in a way that people love to use.

As the founders and maintainers of Open Policy Agent (OPA), Styra enables enterprises to define, enforce and monitor policy across their cloud native environments. Styra provides security, operations and compliance guardrails to protect applications and the infrastructure they run on.

Synopsys provides solutions that transform the way development teams build and deliver software. Our comprehensive portfolio interoperates with third-party and open source tools, allowing organizations to build the security program that’s best for them. Build trust in your software with Synopsys.

Teleport is the easiest, most secure way to access all your infrastructure. Only the open-source Teleport Access Plane consolidates connectivity, authentication, authorization, and audit into a single platform to improve security and agility.

Tigera provides an active Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) with full-stack observability for containers and Kubernetes that prevents, detects, troubleshoots, and automatically mitigates exposure risks of security issues in build, deploy, and runtime stages. Tigera and TNS are under common control.

Torq is a no-code automation platform for security and operations teams. Easy workflow building, endless integrations, and out-of-the-box templates deliver value in minutes — not weeks. Torq and TNS are under common control.

Tricentis is the global leader in enterprise continuous testing, widely credited for reinventing software testing for DevOps, cloud, and enterprise applications. Tricentis and TNS are under common control.

Built on Kubernetes and Knative, TriggerMesh powers scalable, event-driven application integration for hybrid cloud environments. Use integration as code™ to declaratively connect applications, cloud services, and serverless functions then deploy and manage integrations using your GitOps workflow.

Our mission at Upbound is to enable a new era of infrastructure management that is automated, reliable, efficient and empowers application teams to accelerate innovation by delivering software faster.

Vendia is a real-time data cloud company. Their flagship product, Vendia Share,  helps organizations rapidly build transactional applications that need to access critical data stuck in other applications, data stores, and silos that span departments, clouds, and even partners.

The last few decades delivered great advances in infrastructure; now, it’s time to build apps that make the most of those new tools. VMware Tanzu helps you build new apps, modernize existing ones, and evolve your development process around cloud native technologies, patterns, and architectures.

Founded in 2005, WSO2 enables the composable enterprise. Our open source, API-first, and decentralized approach helps developers and architects to be more productive and rapidly build digital products to meet demand.

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