The Apcera trusted cloud platform is a highly secure, policy-driven multi-cloud platform for cloud-native applications, containers, microservices and legacy applications. Apcera enables developers and DevOps teams to use any modern tool or software they want while giving IT and Operations teams the assurance that their infrastructure is safe and secure.

Aporeto provides a comprehensive cloud-native security solution for deploying and operating modern applications.

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) creates software that fuels transformation and enables companies to seize the opportunities of the application economy. From planning to development to management and security, CA is working with companies worldwide to change the way we live, transact and communicate.

Chef’s comprehensive suite of automation products can manage it all–infrastructure, run-time environments, applications and even the DevOps workflow itself. The most enduring and transformative companies use Chef to become fast, efficient, and innovative software-driven organizations.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is an independent non-profit organization formed to sustain the development, promotion and adoption of Cloud Foundry as the industry standard platform for cloud applications. Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is driving adoption of a new computing paradigm that is optimized for modern distributed systems environments, including container packaged, dynamically scheduled, and microservices-based application development and operations.

{code} is a group of passionate open source engineers and advocates building community through contribution and engagement in emerging technologies.  For more information on our open source projects, please visit us online at thecodeteam.com and join the {code} Community at thecodeteam.com/community.

Try Codeship Pro, a fully customizable CI and CD service with native Docker support. Test and deploy your microservices and push to any registry, deploy with Kubernetes and use the convenient local CLI tool to run your builds locally, encrypt your environment variables, and get 100% parity between your dev and production environment.

Containership is a Containers-as-a-Service platform with 14+ integrated cloud providers, and a growing marketplace of click-to-deploy software. A powerful UI, API, and CLI make deploying and managing containers on any cloud easy, allowing developers to focus on building software, not infrastructure.

The CoreOS mission is to improve the security and reliability of the internet. CoreOS gives companies the ability to run their applications securely and reliably in any environment while making advancements in modern server infrastructure.

DigitalOcean is the cloud for developers. We’re passionate about making complex infrastructure simple by delighting our customers with a seamless experience to deploy, manage, and scale their applications. Nearly one million developers and 50,000 teams around the world rely on DigitalOcean to run their apps.

GoCD is an on-premise, open source, continuous delivery tool by ThoughtWorks. With it’s comprehensive pipeline modeling & value stream map, GoCD helps you get complete visibility into and control of your deployments. Commercial Support and enterprise add-ons, including disaster recovery, are available.

GoDaddy’s mission is to radically shift the global economy toward small businesses by empowering people to easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures. GoDaddy has more than 14 million customers worldwide and more than 61 million domain names under management.

Since the early days, Google has worked on some of the biggest problems in distributed computing to serve its users. It has contributed research and key technologies into open source which the community has evolved into the modern, cloud-native approach from which all developers can benefit.

HP Helion, a portfolio of cloud products and solutions, makes it easier to build, manage and consume a hybrid IT environment. Based on OpenStack® and Cloud Foundry® technologies, HP Helion combines the benefits and agility of cloud computing with the rapid innovation and interoperability of open source. Visit us at HP Helion and Twitter.

InfluxData delivers a complete open-source platform built specifically for metrics, events, and other time- based data — a modern time-series platform. Whether the data comes from humans, sensors, or machines, InfluxData empowers developers to build next-generation monitoring, analytics, and IoT applications faster, easier, and to scale delivering real business value quickly.

The Linux Foundation is dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate technology development and commercial adoption. Founded in 2000, the foundation supports communities through infrastructure, services, events and training.

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud platform for building, testing, deploying and managing applications and services. Azure products focus on compute, networking, storage, DevOps, containers, security and more.

Mesosphere is leading the enterprise transformation toward distributed computing and hybrid cloud portability. Mesosphere DC/OS is the premier platform for building, deploying, and elastically scaling modern, containerized applications and big data without compromise. DC/OS makes running containers, data services, and microservices easy, across any infrastructure — datacenter or cloud — without lock-in.

Navops is a suite of products that enables enterprises to take full advantage of Kubernetes and provides the ability to quickly and easily deploy a container-ready infrastructure and run containers at scale. For more information, please visit www.navops.io or follow Twitter @Navops

OpenShift is Red Hat’s container application platform that allows developers to quickly develop, host and scale applications in a cloud environment. With OpenShift, you have a choice of offerings, including online, on-premise and hosted service offerings.

OpenStack is the most widely deployed software for public and private clouds, recognized as a standard for private clouds and is also available via dozens of public clouds globally. OpenStack is an open source integration engine providing APIs orchestrating bare metal, VMs and containers.

Packet is the leading bare metal cloud built for developers. With 8 minute deploys from four global data centers, Packet delivers raw infrastructure on demand and by the hour via portal, API and popular DevOps toolsets like Ansible, Terraform, and Docker Cloud.

PagerDuty SaaS-based digital operations management platform empowers developers and DevOps teams to resolve business-impacting incidents. From aggregating events to correlating them into incidents, PagerDuty orchestrates the incident response process by reducing alert noise and resolution times.

StackRox provides the industry’s only adaptive threat protection for containers, delivering a security platform that uses instrumentation and sophisticated machine learning. StackRox enables security teams to see containers in high resolution; defend against threats; and streamline operations.

Twistlock protects today’s applications from tomorrow’s threats with advanced intelligence, machine learning capabilities, and automated policy creation and enforcement. As the first end-to-end container security solution, Twistlock is purpose-built to deliver modern security.

VMware is the industry-leading virtualization software company. Our technologies simplify IT complexity and streamline operations, helping businesses become more agile, efficient and profitable. By virtualizing infrastructure—from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices—we enable IT to deliver services from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Wercker is a container-centric automation platform used to develop, build, test and deploy cloud-native applications, and is used by organizations deploying software applications to the Cloud, fully supports Microservices, is Docker-native and optimized for schedulers like Kubernetes.

Huawei is an advisory client of The New Stack, receiving custom research and analysis about open source ecosystems and how they play into the overall dynamics of the market.

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