Accurics enables compliance, governance, and security across the full cloud native stack in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It seamlessly scans cloud automation code for risks before the stack is provisioned and monitors production cloud stacks for changes that introduce risk.

Cisco recognizes the AppDynamics platform as the future of business and application performance monitoring for the enterprise. AppDynamics helps you get real-time insight from your apps using Application Performance Monitoring & Management—how they’re being used and how they’re performing.

Aspen Mesh provides a simpler and more powerful distribution of Istio through a service mesh policy framework, a simpler user experience delivered through the Aspen Mesh UI, and a fully supported, tested and hardened distribution of Istio that makes it viable to operate service mesh in the enterprise.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

CircleCI is the leading continuous integration and delivery platform for software innovation at scale. With intelligent automation and delivery tools, CircleCI is used by the world’s best engineering teams to radically reduce the time from idea to execution.

Citrix offers production-grade, fully supported application delivery solutions that provide the most comprehensive integration with Kubernetes platforms and open source tools; greater scale and lower latency; consistent application and API security; and a holistic observability stack.

CloudBees, the enterprise software delivery company, provides the industry’s leading DevOps technology platform. CloudBees enables developers to focus on what they do best: Build stuff that matters, while providing peace of mind to management with powerful risk mitigation, compliance and governance tools.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is an independent non-profit organization formed to sustain the development, promotion and adoption of Cloud Foundry as the industry standard platform for cloud applications. Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) hosts critical components of cloud native software stacks, including Kubernetes and Prometheus. CNCF serves as the neutral home for collaboration and brings together the industry’s top developers, end users and vendors.

CockroachDB is a DistributedSQL database that eases scale and survives any service outages. Architected for modern cloud applications, it delivers a standard SQL interface and guarantees transactional consistency at any scale.

DataStax is the company behind the massively scalable, highly available, cloud-native NoSQL data platform built on Apache Cassandra™️. DataStax gives users and enterprises the freedom to run data in any cloud at global scale with zero downtime and zero lock-in.

Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) is a unique family of businesses that helps organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform how they work, live and play. The company provides customers with the industry’s broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio spanning from edge to core to cloud.

Diamanti delivers the industry’s only purpose-built, fully integrated enterprise Kubernetes platform, spanning on-premises and public cloud environments, providing the performance, simplicity, security and enterprise features needed to get cloud-native applications to market fast with lowest TCO.

Dynatrace is the leader in Software Intelligence, purpose built for the enterprise cloud. It’s the only AI-assisted, full stack and completely automated intelligence platform that provides deep insight into dynamic, web-scale, hybrid cloud ecosystems. That’s why the world’s leading brands trust Dynatrace to deliver perfect user experiences.

Futurewei focuses research on advanced ICT domains that will benefit an intelligent and digital society. By focusing on open innovation beyond traditional ICT industry, we aim to advance these technologies into real world solutions through standardization, open source collaboration and partnering with industrial ecosystems.

GitLab is a single application for the entire software development lifecycle. From project planning and source code management to CI/CD, monitoring and security, GitLab helps enterprises deliver software to market at new speeds.

HAProxy Technologies is the company behind HAProxy, the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer. Organizations rapidly deploy HAProxy products to deliver websites and applications with the utmost performance, observability, and security at any scale and in any environment. Learn more at

Infrastructure enables innovation. HashiCorp provides consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect and run any infrastructure for any application.

Honeycomb provides Observability for all software engineering teams to learn, debug, and improve production systems to delight end-users and eliminate toil. With Honeycomb developers code with confidence, operator efficiency goes up, life quality improves and the business grows.

InfluxData, creator of the open source time series database InfluxDB, empowers developers and organizations to build transformative monitoring, analytics and IoT applications quicker and to scale. Our purpose-built platform handles the massive volumes of time-stamped data produced by IoT devices, applications, networks, containers and computers. @InfluxDB

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon conferences gather adopters and technologists to further the education and advancement of cloud native computing. The vendor-neutral events feature domain experts and key maintainers behind popular projects like Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, CoreDNS, containerd and more.

Lightbend is a leading enterprise software and services company helping Global 2000 companies stay ahead in the digital economy. Our customers gain competitive advantage from the scalability and resilience of stateful cloud native applications and “always-on” insights of real-time streaming data.

Lightstep delivers unified observability, with visibility across multilayered architectures, enabling teams to detect and resolve regressions quickly, regardless of system scale or complexity.

As the host of hundreds of the most widely used open source infrastructure projects, The Linux Foundation is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality training and certification on a range of cutting edge technologies like containers, DevOps, Edge, IoT, microservices, networking and more.

LogDNA is a modern log management solution that empowers DevOps teams with the insights that they need to develop and debug their applications with ease. LogDNA’s innovative features put users in control of their data every step of the way.

Headquartered in New York, MongoDB is the leading modern, general purpose database platform, designed to unleash the power of software and data for developers and the applications they build.

New Relic delivers real-time insights that software-driven businesses need to innovate faster. New Relic makes every aspect of modern software and infrastructure observable, so companies can find and fix problems faster, build high-performing DevOps teams and speed up transformation projects.

NetApp built its foundation on data storage but has since expanded into a full range of cloud-native capabilities and services to simplify management of applications and data across on-premises and cloud-based environments. NetApp empowers global organizations to unleash the full potential of their data, foster greater innovation and optimize operations.

NS1 is the leader in next-generation DNS solutions that orchestrate the delivery of the world’s most critical Internet and enterprise applications. Many of the highest-trafficked sites and largest global enterprises trust NS1.

Packet enables developer-led companies to deploy physical infrastructure at global scale in under 60 seconds. With 18+ public cloud locations, as well as private deployments and on-premises software solutions, we help make infrastructure a competitive advantage.

PagerDuty SaaS-based digital operations management platform empowers developers and DevOps teams to resolve business-impacting incidents. From aggregating events to correlating them into incidents, PagerDuty orchestrates the incident response process by reducing alert noise and resolution times.

Portworx is the container storage company enterprises trust to manage mission critical data services. By enabling data availability, data security, backup and disaster recovery for Kubernetes-based applications running on-prem or across clouds, Portworx helps companies run containerized data services in production.

Governed access plus pervasive protection for data, apps, hosts, containers and serverless — this is the proper foundation for the journey to the cloud. Prisma, the industry’s most comprehensive cloud security suite, helps customers accelerate their journey with risk visibility and continuous security.

Modern businesses depend on the power of real-time data. With Redis Labs, organizations deliver instant experiences in a highly reliable and scalable manner. Redis Labs is the home of Redis, the world’s most popular in-memory database and commercial provider of Redis Enterprise.

Rezilion is an autonomous cloud workload protection platform that requires no manual configuration and automatically returns any compromised service to a known-good state, thus enabling DevOps to continuously deploy without risk and eliminating friction between developers and security practitioners.

SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software helping companies run at their best: 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP® system. Our applications and services enable customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously and make a difference.

SaltStack intelligent automation is used to help global business manage and secure digital infrastructure at massive scale. SaltStack event-driven IT automation helps collaborative SecOps, DevOps, network and IT teams deliver continuous compliance and real security across any infrastructure.

Sentry helps every developer to diagnose, fix, and optimize code performance. Software teams can easily trace issues related to errors, performance, and user experience. Using Sentry decreases resolution time from days to minutes, freeing up dev cycles and keeping customers happy.

Snyk is a developer-first security company that seamlessly and proactively finds and fixes vulnerabilities and license violations in open source dependencies and container images. Security and development teams use Snyk’s automated, actionable remediation advice to build secure applications faster.

Sonatype is the leader in software supply chain automation technology. Its Nexus platform enables DevOps teams and developers to automatically integrate security at every stage of the modern development pipeline by combining in-depth component intelligence with real-time remediation guidance.

TriggerMesh’s cloud native integration platform provides complete lifecycle management of serverless functions and tools for enabling workflows across clouds and traditional data center applications. TriggerMesh accelerates development speed and unifies multiple clouds and legacy infrastructure.

VMware software powers today’s complex digital infrastructures. Our cloud, networking and security and digital workspace offerings provide dynamic and efficient solutions to over 500,000 global customers. VMware is committed to being a force for good, from its breakthrough innovations to its global impact.

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