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Case Study: Rezilion

TNS Sponsorship Brings New Customers to Rezilion

Tal Klein has been a long-time supporter of The New Stack. His previous company, Adallom, was a founding sponsor and, when he became CMO of Rezilion, TNS founder and Publisher Alex Williams was one of the first calls on his list. The Platform Sponsorship has already paid for itself: Tal can trace at least six new customer opportunities and two new customers back to TNS, including a marquis web-scale company that found him through his post “DevSecOps Is Having Its ‘OK Boomer’ Moment.

“Every time I write, I’m trying to connect with somebody,” Tal said. “There’s a lot of friction between DevOps and security teams; a belief that all things security will become DevSecOps. What causes that friction? Vulnerability management. That post hit a nerve for a lot of people experiencing that pain.” He received a lot of positive feedback, both from the TNS community and on social media, which led to the web-scale company reaching out and eventually becoming a Rezilion customer.

Another Rezilion post, “Why Vulnerability Management Needs a Patch,” sprang to the top of TNS’s post rankings into the 99th percentile — performing better than 99.9% of all the posts on the site. “This also led to new deals and opportunities that we closed in our pipeline,” said Tal. “If what you’re chasing is DevOps decision-makers, you couldn’t find a better site than TNS.”

“When I post on TNS, I know I’ll get top tier editorial support that a journalist would get. TNS ensures that I’m moving the conversation forward by writing about problems to solve, not products to pitch.”

– Tal Klein, CMO, Rezilion

Tal said this is a critical component of the sponsorship that no other publication offers. “People engaging are on the site to learn, and engaging with the content in the same way — sponsored or not. It’s a testament to why The New Stack has the reputation it does. Even sponsored posts include meaningful content.”

The key, he said, is to work collaboratively with TNS. “Investment of not just money, but time. You’re becoming part of a community of writers. There are journalists writing new content for the site. It behooves all sponsors to write good content that doesn’t cheapen the original content the site produces.”

Tal credits his PR firm, Mindshare, with giving him the idea to become a founding sponsor of TNS: “You just need one piece to connect with the right persona. For any company in this space, if you close one deal at your average deal size, the sponsorship pays for itself.”

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