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Stackery’s Ecosystem Manager on Listening to People in Tech

Sep 13th, 2018 2:48pm by
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Stackery’s Ecosystem Manager on Listening to People in Tech

The concept of helping organizations deploy to serverless faster and with fewer resources is straightforward. But underneath the platform Stackery offers, of course, is a lot of heavy-lifting development work that goes into creating the necessary code. The end result is about making serverless more accessible for organizations that might otherwise not have the resources and know-how in-house to make the move.

Besides software engineering skills to help to continue to build on Stackery’s platform, the importance of attracting the right talent is also critical. In this way, the team effort is key, Farrah Campbell, ecosystem manager at Stackery, told TNS founder and editor-in-chief Alex Williams for this podcast sponsored by security platform provider Twistlock.

“What I try to do at Stackery is something not [specific] to technology — it’s more about the team,” Campbell told Williams at Rontoms restaurant in downtown Portland where Stackery is based.

As part of her mission to build a relationship with partners as an ecosystem manager, Campbell, who also plays more than a small part in the documentary Chasing Grace, about women in tech, says much of her time on the job is about just meeting people.

“I’m a super-curious person. I feel like anytime I get somebody talking about tech and what they are doing or anything they’re involved with, I’m super interested,” Campbell said. “And think that kind of it makes it easy for my job because I listen and I care about what people are talking about.”

The conversations Campbell has, of course, are also often “about Stackery and talking about serverless,” Campbell says.

“By now, it kind of seems like it’s the wild, wild west out there and we’re trying to build an industry and raise awareness and just try to get people to try [Stackery’s platform] out,” Campbell said. “But what I really do is just talk to people. I have the best job ever, actually.”

Much of the job involves continually learning as well, Campbell says. “I’m excited to learn about the cloud and DevOps and how serverless applies to all that,” Campbell says.

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