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Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Data Science

12 May 2017 3:00pm, by

When it comes to scientific computing, few names are more well known than Stephen Wolfram. He was the creator of the Mathematica, a program that researchers have been using for decades to aid in their computations. Later Wolfram expanded Mathematica into a full multi-paradigm programming language, called Wolfram Programming. The company also packaged many of the Mathematica formulas, and a lot of outside data, into a cloud-based service and API. So at this year’s SXSW Interactive, we spoke with Wolfram about how to use this new cloud service to add computational intelligence into your own programs.


0:58: The effects of artificial intelligence on the programming community.
3:38: Cognitive overhead on the part of the developer.
10:50: Mathematica usage in actual runtimes.
11:54: Changes in the way developers approach programming with the Wolfram Programming API.
18:03: Data characterization in Mathematica and Wolfram Language.
21:34: Potential bottlenecks and pain point facing average-sized organizations, and Wolfram as a solution.

Kiran Oliver produced this podcast.

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