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Take a Platform Engineering Deep Dive at PlatformCon 2023

The virtual event offers a packed schedule and the opportunity to explore the latest platform engineering trends, solutions and best practices.
May 26th, 2023 10:00am by
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The highly anticipated PlatformCon 2023 is fast approaching, accompanied by a colossal amount of industry hype, and it’s easy to see why. The two-day virtual conference, which will be held June 8-9, celebrates the more than 15,000-member platform engineering community and features a large lineup of renowned industry speakers. Thousands of platform engineers and practitioners from around the world will participate, welcomed by a packed schedule and the opportunity to dive deep into the latest platform engineering trends, solutions and best practices.

Reasons to Attend PlatformCon 2023

Attendees joining PlatformCon 2023 can expect to level up their platform engineering skills by networking with experts and joining a vibrant community of platform engineers, all dedicated to pushing boundaries. Participants can enjoy regional kickoff events, watch talks at their own pace and engage in speaker Q&A sessions over on the Platform Engineering Slack channel.

The full conference schedule is available here. Attendees will get the chance to:

  • Engage with renown industry speakers like Nicki Watt, CEO/CTO of OpenCredo; Bryan Finster, value stream architect at Defense Unicorns; Stephan Schneider, digital expert associate partner at McKinsey; Charity Majors, CTO at Honeycomb; and Manuel Pais of Team Topologies.
  • Meet professionals from all over the globe who share similar interests.
  • Be inspired by new insights and fresh ideas for platform engineering initiatives.
  • Explore multiple tracks and listen to top field experts tell their stories.

Hundreds of Captivating Talks Spanning Five Tracks

Over the two days, PlatformCon 2023 will feature a diverse range of compelling talks covering five tracks:

Stories: Practitioners will share their enterprise platform-building experiences, covering the journey from inception to implementation and rollout. Examples include Adobe’s Rohan Kapoor discussing the development of an Adobe internal developer platform for over 5,000 developers, addressing challenges, productivity measurement and learnings from a recently launched CI/CD product.

Tech: This track will delve into the technical aspects of developer platforms. Expect talks from speakers such as Susa Tünker from Humanitec who will discuss eliminating configuration drift between environments, and sessions on problem-solving using various tools such as Kubernetes, Infrastructure as Code, service catalogs and GitOps.

Blueprints: Speakers in this track will present proven platform blueprints, including McKinsey’s Mike Gatto and Stephan Schneider who will explore simplifying developer platform design through reference architectures. Attendees can expect other talks to highlight key design considerations and effective integration of developer platform tools.

Culture: Focusing on building developer platforms by engineers for engineers, this track will examine the cultural aspects of platform engineering. Among the topics that will be discussed are product management and the relationship between platform engineering, DevOps, and site reliability engineering. Nicki Watt from OpenCredo will address stumbling blocks hindering the creation of a great platform as a product, and offer counteractive solutions.

Impact: This track will explore the business value and impact of platform engineering initiatives. Analysts like Gartner’s Manjunath Bhat will provide value stories to demonstrate how platform engineering accelerates business outcomes, while other practitioners will discuss strategies for securing executive buy-in.

For anyone looking to level up their platform engineering skills, this is a great opportunity to learn, network with and be inspired by the best in the industry. Register now for new speaker updates, chances to get involved and details about in-person and virtual meetups.

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