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Take Our Survey on How Developers Use Open Source

24 Jun 2019 11:59am, by

Tidelift sponsored this post.

Open source debates long ago evolved from “if” it should be used to “how and when” developers select and manage open source software (OSS). Instead of talking about abstract concerns about security and business models, efforts to increase OSS usage and community participation need a detailed understanding of the benefits and challenges.

How much time is spent handling security issues related to unmaintained dependencies? When do corporate policies about license compliance or contributing to a project inhibit growth? What’s the ROI on outlays to OSS foundations and individual developers?

The New Stack and Tidelift have teamed up to get answers to these questions and more in a 10-minute survey about how developers use open source to build applications in the workplace. In exchange for your time, the first 250 respondents will receive a free “Pay the Maintainers” t-shirt from Tidelift.

Of course, the survey results will be shared publicly. Thank you for helping us collect the best data possible!

If you haven’t been convinced yet, here are a few more topics covered:

  • Choosing the right OSS package;
  • Metrics to evaluate a project’s long-term viability;
  • Code quality and developer velocity.

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