Take Our Survey on Open Source Programs

26 Jun 2018 11:06am, by

Almost every developer uses open source code. But not every organization has an open source policy or a formal program to manage how it is used or produced.

How is open source code managed in your organization? And does it affect how fast and efficiently new product development takes place? We want to know.

The answer to these questions will help determine the critical role that open source management plays in an organization’s ability to adapt and scale.

The New Stack is partnering with The Linux Foundation to investigate how many organizations either have a formal open source management program or are planning to create one. Just as importantly, the study is quantifying how these programs are structured and measure success.

Please take eight minutes to complete this survey. The results will be shared publicly on The New Stack, and The Linux Foundation’s GitHub page.

Some of the questions we ask include:

  • If your organization does not have an open source program, why not?
  • What are the challenges and benefits of an open source program?
  • How critical is an open source program to your engineering success?
  • How is open source code managed?
  • And more

Thank you for helping us collect the best data possible!

Feature image via Pixabay.

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