Taking the Mystery out of Cloud Brokerage with HPE Helion

15 Aug 2016 10:47am, by

While today’s enterprises evolve, the debate between what, if any, cloud-based solutions they should employ continues. Whether a business is entirely cloud-native or is still utilizing an on-premise legacy application infrastructure, it still needs to run efficiently at scale. At HPE, the HPE Helion portfolio of tools and services help enterprises to better determine what sort of infrastructure setup will work best for their organization.

In this episode of The New Stack Makers embedded below, we explore how cloud brokerage is at work in today’s enterprise environment, the ways in which HPE Helion can improve how enterprises interact with the cloud, and why consistency is crucial to getting the most of out one’s cloud brokerage solution.

For the podcast, The New Stack founder Alex Williams spoke with Sita Lowman, HPE senior director, enterprise cloud and hybrid IT product management, and Jay Keyse, HPE global director of strategy, workload and cloud practice, during HPE Discover Las Vegas 2016.

Taking the Mystery out of Cloud Brokerage with HPE Helion

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Keyse first highlighted the importance of being able to abstract away layers of one’s infrastructure to better suit one’s organizational needs. “Containerizing certain microservices at a lower level allows you to abstract those workloads as applications for those business processes away from the underlying infrastructure. And that’s kind of imperative when you start getting into brokerage services, which has multiple areas which you need to support a business,” Keyse said.

As cloud brokering has evolved, its usage context has as well. A cloud brokerage must rely on consistency in order to help ensure an enterprise is successful when optimizing its cloud strategy at scale. “The concept of brokering is now that you’re going to have application across all of those different kinds of environments, some within your data center, and with SaaS they’re going to come from outside your data center. How do you provide a consistent layer of management, a consistent layer of understanding of usage across all of those different infrastructure items or cloud services so you can optimize the cost and performance across the space?”

Keyse noted that cloud brokerage provides a flexible toolset through which an enterprise can make decisions about its applications, especially around managing security, performance, and analytics. “With brokerage, it’s about being able to govern across that. Being able to have the analytics that helps you make those economic decisions, those placement decisions, it’s all part of brokerage these days. You’ve got to aggregate services, you’ve got to mediate between services. It’s becoming far more complex.”


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Feature image:  Sita Lowman (L), Jay Keyse.