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Testkube Moves to the Cloud in Beta Release

An overview of Testkube Cloud highlighting some of its key features and benefits
Jan 4th, 2023 11:00am by
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We are excited to announce the beta release of Testkube Cloud, a powerful and flexible platform that allows you to run tests in all of your Kubernetes environments. Testkube Cloud is the cloud-based version of our popular open source testing framework, Testkube. It offers new features and capabilities that make it even easier for developers to test their applications effectively. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of Testkube Cloud and highlight some of its key features and benefits.

What Is Testkube?

Testkube is a Kubernetes-native testing framework for testers and developers. It allows you to orchestrate and execute all your tests natively inside Kubernetes clusters and to easily integrate them with CI/CD or GitOps pipelines.

Regardless of the testing framework you are using, Testkube provides a quick way to execute test files inside your Kubernetes environments by providing an extensive list of executors that can run tests out of the box or by allowing you to quickly create your own.

To see the status of all your tests and to debug them when they fail, Testkube ships out of the box with a powerful dashboard that allows you to manage tests and see their status and executions in real time.

Or if you are more of a command line person or want to automate certain actions in a CI/CD system, you can use Testkube’s CLI.

Key Features of Testkube Cloud

Testkube Cloud is built on top of the popular open source project with added capabilities such as user management, new authentication mechanisms, and environment management.

Distributed and Scalable Testing of Multiple Environments

Its built-in support for collecting and analyzing test results across all environments allows developers to quickly identify and fix issues. This greatly improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of testing in any of your Kubernetes environments.

User Management

Whether you are a small team with a few developers or testers or a big enterprise with hundreds of engineers, it’s always important to manage and control who has access to what. In Testkube Cloud, it is now possible to add users to your organization and give them access to your Kubernetes environments.

It’s important to note that during the beta phase, all the members added to your organization will have access to all the environments in your organization.

In the next few months, while we are rolling out the new features for the next Testkube Cloud release, we are going to add organization roles and environment roles that will help you define in a fine-grained way which access and permissions each person has for each one of your Kubernetes environments.

Authentication Mechanisms

Testkube Cloud’s API token authentication feature allows you to securely access your Testkube account and resources using API tokens. With this feature, you can easily generate and manage API tokens that can be used to authenticate your API requests. This makes it easy to automate tasks and integrate Testkube with other tools and systems.

API token authentication is secure and reliable. Tokens are encrypted and stored securely, and you can easily revoke or rotate them as needed. Testkube Cloud also supports multiple levels of access, so you can control which resources and actions each token is allowed to access.

Whether you’re a developer or a tester looking to automate tasks or a DevOps engineer looking to integrate Testkube with your workflow, Testkube Cloud’s API token authentication is the perfect solution.

Sign up for Free

We encourage all testers and developers to try out Testkube Cloud and provide feedback on your experience. The beta release of Testkube Cloud is available now for free, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Sign up here.

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