How has the recent turmoil within the OpenAI offices changed your plans to use GPT in a business process or product in 2024?
Increased uncertainty means we are more likely to evaluate alternative AI chatbots and LLMs.
No change in plans, though we will keep an eye on the situation.
With Sam Altman back in charge, we are more likely to go all-in with GPT and LLMs.
What recent turmoil?
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The DevOps Journey: Virtual Day of Podcasts with Dell Technologies

On Tuesday, June 9 at 6:00 – 11:00am PT, we invite you to tune in for five exciting discussions on DevOps as a catalyst in the age of scale with thought-leaders who are pioneering the DevOps journey. 
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The New Stack has been on the ground at many industry events to capture some of the most interesting news and latest happenings in application development and management at scale. Today, we’re excited to share that we are launching our first virtual Day of Podcasts with our sponsor, Dell Technologies. On Tuesday, June 9, from 6–11 a.m. PT, we invite you to tune in for five exciting discussions on DevOps as a catalyst in the age of scale with thought-leaders who are pioneering the DevOps journey.

Thanks to our sponsor, Dell Technologies, our show will anchor around the topic of DevOps, and we’ll look at how this adoption is enabling teams to securely scale their modern applications in context with Kubernetes and cloud native technologies. Come join us, and dive into how Dell Technologies, along with VMware Tanzu, can help organizations as they think through at-scale development and management for workloads everywhere.

Here’s the Plan:

Grab a Seat for the Discussion

In each podcast, you will hear from various technologists and thought-leaders on the latest happenings in the DevOps space and how Dell and VMware’s customers, partners and the community at large are evolving.

Here’s the Line-up:

6 a.m. PT: Four Infrastructure Factors for Modern Application Success

Existing virtualized applications rely on infrastructures that have been built over time; people know how to run them, and there are big investments in skills. But taking some of that existing investment and extending it into distributed modern applications requires new approaches in multicloud environments. Join this discussion to learn about the infrastructure changes and its impact on modern applications. 

Our Guests:

  • Dormain Drewitz, Director, Product Marketing and Content Strategy, VMware
  • Bob Ganley, Cloud Sr. Consultant, Product Marketing, Dell Technologies

7 a.m. PT: The Revolution of Data Protection and Containers: What It Means for How Dell EMC Data Protection and VMware Work Together to Revolutionize Modern Application

Tap into this discussion as we hear about applications transforming to distributed applications in cloud, multicloud and hybrid environments, and learn how you can protect the data.

8 a.m. PT: HCI /Dell Technologies Partner – ATEA

Atea provides IT infrastructure solutions to key countries in Europe. With 7,400 employees and 4,000 consultants, Atea acts as a reseller, system integrator and service provider to Dell and Dell EMC. Listen in as we hear how customers across different industries in Europe are looking to maximize their ROI when they do a lift and switch, and how they are planning for the future by enhancing agility in delivering modern, containerized software. 

9 a.m. PT: Infrastructure as Code Democratizes Scale (Storage)

Software is eating the world and datacenter infrastructure is no exception. Come along on this discussion to hear how to get the most out of your container storage interface. Hear how the role of storage and developers is changing and what you can do to achieve great scale-out environments using open source.

  • Parasar Kodati, Senior Consultant, Product Marketing, Dell EMA (GTM lead for DevOps Integration)
  • Catherine Paganini, Head of Marketing, Kublr
  • Patrick Ohly, Senior Software Engineer, Intel’s Open Source Technology Center

10 a.m. PT: Key Considerations When Adopting Production-Ready Kubernetes (HCI)

Join this discussion as we journey to bring the enterprise on-board with Kubernetes; hear about the challenge businesses face when adopting production-ready Kubernetes, and what should be considered to manage the ongoing operations.

Meet Our Guests:

  • Boskey Savla, Technical Product Line Marketing Manager, Modern Apps, VMware
  • Chip Zoller, Senior Principal Engineer, Dell Technologies (Kubernetes on VxRail at Dell Technologies)

We will also be posting this virtual podcast event to The New Stack Makers.

Dell is a sponsor of The New Stack.

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