The Dumbfounding Making of the GitHub Octocat Figurine

24 Nov 2014 1:44pm, by

It’s slightly amazing what time, effort and money went into making the new GitHub Octocat figurine. The full details are in a blog post published this morning. It details the study they did about a cat’s skull to match the figurine’s face.


It explains how they solved the tentacle problem.


And how they made the packaging.


Last week, they unveiled the plastic figure in a video with a score that maybe we will see in a future Octocat super hero flick.

The Octocat Figurine from GitHub on Vimeo.

I am sure the figurine looks great on the developer’s desk who wants to pay $40 for it.

The attention to detail is striking. But this kind of focus on a figure to represent a brand says a lot about the amount of cash GitHub can spend to make such a creature look so good. And more so, how it reflects on the way the company chooses to spend its money. It’s geeky, for sure. But it’s still a bit dumbfounding to me and perhaps more so reflective of the culture that comes with such heavily funded companies. But if anyone has another view, I’d love to hear it.