How has the recent turmoil within the OpenAI offices changed your plans to use GPT in a business process or product in 2024?
Increased uncertainty means we are more likely to evaluate alternative AI chatbots and LLMs.
No change in plans, though we will keep an eye on the situation.
With Sam Altman back in charge, we are more likely to go all-in with GPT and LLMs.
What recent turmoil?

The Dumbfounding Making of the GitHub Octocat Figurine

Nov 24th, 2014 1:44pm by
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It’s slightly amazing what time, effort and money went into making the new GitHub Octocat figurine. The full details are in a blog post published this morning. It details the study they did about a cat’s skull to match the figurine’s face.


It explains how they solved the tentacle problem.


And how they made the packaging.


Last week, they unveiled the plastic figure in a video with a score that maybe we will see in a future Octocat super hero flick.

The Octocat Figurine from GitHub on Vimeo.

I am sure the figurine looks great on the developer’s desk who wants to pay $40 for it.

The attention to detail is striking. But this kind of focus on a figure to represent a brand says a lot about the amount of cash GitHub can spend to make such a creature look so good. And more so, how it reflects on the way the company chooses to spend its money. It’s geeky, for sure. But it’s still a bit dumbfounding to me and perhaps more so reflective of the culture that comes with such heavily funded companies. But if anyone has another view, I’d love to hear it.

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