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Docker Contributor Analysis

Jun 27th, 2014 9:20am by
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Editor’s Note: Findings of our research about the Docker community.

At DockerCon, Chris Dawson presented the research we did about the popular open source project, Docker. In this first part of our two-hour podcast, Chris presented what he discovered from the data, what it reflects and how the lightweight container technology is being used by the community.

Hosts: We were joined by Michael Cote, an analyst at 451 ResearchDonnie Berkholz of RedMonk  and Chris, a regular contributor to The New Stack.

Guests: Paul Showalter of New Relic and James Turnbull of Docker, the author of The Docker Book.

#5: Docker Contributor Analysis

Chris had a few questions he wanted answered:

  • Who is using Docker?
  • What is the correlation to other projects contributors are working on in other public communities.
  • What organizations are using Docker?
  • What languages are developers using with their Docker projects?
  • What are the popular bases images Docker users are making?

The research drew on the data Chris pulled from GitHub and other sources.

Our analysis will follow in a later post. But this show does get into the results and includes commentary by our hosts and guests.

New Relic is a sponsor of The New Stack.

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