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Apple CloudKit and Swift

Jun 10th, 2014 6:04pm by
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Editor’s Note: Highlight: Discussing the affect Apple CloudKit and Swift may have on IT shops and the developer’s take on open source. — AW

Last week, we did our fourth TNS Analysts show and had a long discussion about Apple’s CloudKit and Swift, the new PaaS and programming language.

Joining us were  Michael Cote of 451 Research and our guest, Sravish Sridhar, CEO of Kinvey, a backend service provider. Kinvey is a founding sponsor of the New Stack. Fellow co-host Donnie Berkholz could not make the show.

Here’s the recording:

#4: Apple CloudKit and Swift

And some show notes:

  • Apple has no way to manage the pool of data so apps can work together.
  • Does CloudKit have the enterprise pedigree? No.
  • There are kits — lots of kits.
  • What makes a great backend and frontend?
  • Things gets dicey when authentication enters the picture.
  • Apple’s distinct strategy is to own everything.
  • It is difficult for a single ecosystem approach to work.
  • Enterprises are just starting to understand how to fundamentally change their businesses with mobile. They were just starting to hire Objective-C developers, and now they have to find people with Swift experience.
  • Flexibility, not lock-in, is the biggest issue.
  • The kits represent Apple’s mobile land grab.
  • Developers love Swift and don’t really care about open versus closed technologies.
  • At the UI layer, not much exciting stuff is coming from the open-source community.
  • Docker!
  • What will be the business driver that will determine who wins in the market?

Kinvey is a founding sponsor of The New Stack.

Feature image via CNET.

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