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The New Stack Context Episode 95: AWS Re:Invent, Packet’s IFX 2019

6 Dec 2019 5:00pm, by

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Context Episode 95: AWS Re:Invent, IFX

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In The New Stack Context Episode 95, The New Stack Crew discusses two conferences that took place in Las Vegas this week: Amazon Web Services’ Re:Invent 2019 and Packet‘s IFX 2019. TNS publisher Alex Williams hosted this episode, and our guest for this episode is TNS European correspondent B. Cameron Gain, who attended both conferences.

This year, AWS brought nearly 60,000 developers and IT professionals to its annual user conference, and the company launched a number of new services, including a managed service that leverages Fargate’s serverless model to manage and provision clusters on Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). We discuss how organizations can now specify compute and other criteria for cluster management on EKS as Fargate manages the otherwise complex provisioning and infrastructure management for the Kubernetes pods. We discuss the value of this new offering for developers and IT operations staff.

This is the second year for Packet’s IFX 2019 conference, which Packet holds in conjunction with Re:Invent each year.  The role of the conference is to celebrate the craft and culture of infrastructure, through two days of immersive programming inspired by the intersection of hardware, networks and software. We discuss how Packet is different from big cloud services such as AWS.

On The New Stack Context podcast, the New Stack’s editorial and marketing teams review the week’s hottest news in cloud native technologies and at-scale application development as well as look ahead to topics we expect to gain more attention in the coming weeks.

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