The New Stack Context: NetApp’s Internal DevOps Platform

13 Mar 2020 5:00pm, by

Welcome to The New Stack Context, a podcast where we discuss the latest news and perspectives in the world of cloud native computing. This week we spoke with Mohan Raj, IT senior manager of the CloudOne developer experience at NetApp. Over the past two years, he has been building a DevOps platform at NetApp that provides cloud services, automation, and CI/CD release models for the company’s application development teams that need to build cloud native applications — using NetApps own tools.

TNS editorial and marketing director Libby Clark hosted this episode, alongside founder and TNS publisher Alex Williams and TNS managing editor Joab Jackson.

Episode 108: Mohan Raj – NetApp’s Internal DevOps Platform

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For the interview with Mohan, we delved into the impetus behind why NetApp decided to build its own DevOps platform. As he explained in the podcast:

A software development lifecycle varies across different companies, different teams, different sub-teams actually … So when we are actually building a platform, we have to actually think about it in a way that [what we are not] delivering is actually set in stone, but have ways to make it a bit customizable for individual teams so that adoption is much easier and natural.

We also discuss some of the top podcasts and news stories for the week. An interview with Amazon Web Services’ Rohit Gupta provided insight on the emerging practice of DevSecOps. We also caught up with Docker, to learn about its latest developer-focused roadmap. We take a moment to appreciate the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Open Policy Agent, an open-source platform to enforce of a wide range of policies across domains and all layers in the cloud native stack. Finally, we dive into Amazon Web Services’ Bottlerocket, a new Linux-based open source operating system built to host containers.

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