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Sensu Summit 2018 with Kelsey Hightower and Caleb Hailey

24 Aug 2018 1:35pm, by

The New Stack Context: Sensu Summit 2018

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This week on Context, we recorded the podcast live at Sensu Summit in Portland. Joining us were Google technologist Kelsey Hightower and Sensu CEO Caleb Hailey, to discuss the challenges of microservices monitoring. Many traditional monitoring tools, such as Nagios, or even Amazon Web Services’ CloudWatch, fail to capture the full picture of what is going on within a system, the panel agreed.

This week, Hailey wrote a post for TNS on how Sensu can automate the process of collecting sensor data from multiple tools and multiple formats. “Hybrid cloud monitoring becomes a lot easier to reason about when everything is a ‘workflow.’ It’s not only easier, but the possibilities for what you can monitor (and how) are virtually endless,” he wrote.

TNS editorial director Libby Clark hosted this podcast, with the help of TNS founder Alex Williams and TNS managing editor Joab Jackson.


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