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Amazon Q, an AI chatbot for explaining how AWS works.
Super-fast S3 Express storage.
New Graviton 4 processor instances.
Emily Freeman leaving AWS.
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The New Stack Context: Serverless Application Flows in the Cloud

Each week, the New Stack Context podcast discusses the hottest trends in cloud native computing.
May 1st, 2020 5:00pm by
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Welcome to The New Stack Context, a podcast where we discuss the latest news and perspectives in the world of cloud native computing. For this week’s episode, we spoke with Sebastien Goasguen, co-founder and chief product officer, TriggerMesh, about how to build applications from serverless functions that span multiple clouds, using the company’s software.

TNS editorial and marketing director Libby Clark hosted this episode, alongside founder and TNS publisher Alex Williams, TNS senior editor Richard MacManus, and TNS managing editor Joab Jackson.

Episode: 115 Serverless Application Flows in the Cloud

We spoke with Goasguen about the role that TriggerMesh plays for GitLab and enterprise customers. Last month, TriggerMesh released the Cloud Native Integration Platform as well as the AWS Event Sources for OpenShift, timing the release with the virtual Red Hat Summit. With the latter offering, TriggerMesh brings Amazon EventBridge-like functionality to the OpenShift ecosystem allowing developers to trigger functions across clouds and legacy data centers. TriggerMesh users can now link events from anywhere to Red Hat OpenShift workloads.

“Serverless is not just function-as-a-service. It’s not just functions. It’s actually an integration problem. We call TriggerMesh a cloud native integration platform: We compose cloud services together, glue them together thanks to an event-driven architecture,” Goasguen said.

Then, later in the podcast, we discuss the top podcasts and news stories from the site, including an interview with agile expert Emily Webber on remote work, how serverless can help embed security into the development process, the idea of offering databases as a serverless service, and the importance of standards in serverless adoption.

Red Hat and TriggerMesh are sponsors of The New Stack.

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