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OpenStack Code Analysis

May 19th, 2014 3:18pm by
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Last Tuesday, we recorded our first live Google Hangout  and presented the results of the data research report we conducted on OpenStack contributors. The podcast provides a summary of the the report’s key findings and why Samsung and Huawei are contributing code to OpenStack at a greater rate than are other members of the organization.  Our gues host was Tal Klein, vice president of marketing at Adallom, a service that detects anomalies in an individual’s data usage in and across different SaaS providers.

For more episodes, check out the podcast section of The New Stack.

#1: OpenStack Code Analysis

The show’s guests included the following:

Co-hosts: Donnie Berkholz of RedMonk and Michael Cote of 451 Research.

Guest host: Sriram Subramanian, who presented the results of the data research report he conducted on OpenStack contributors.

Show notes:

    • Why the gap among the top contributors is decreasing.
    • Is OpenStack growing due to long tail contributions, or is the growth due to top contributors?
    • The U.S. Congress has been opposed to Chinese code in the enterprise. But should we be more concerned about the NSA spying on the enterprise?
    • How can we be assured that the code in OpenStack can be trusted? There are not that many proactive security precautions being taken. Should there be an annual penetration test of core components in OpenStack?
    • Run a contest for pen testing? A chaos monkey for security checks?
    • What is trending high in OpenStack? What is trending low?
    • Dreamhost has decreased its code contribution dramatically, but overall, cloud service providers are still contributing consistently to the project.
    • Swift, the file storage project, is the most mature and emerging as the most stable project.
  • What does the project’s maturity reflect about OpenStack?

(Break with fancy music)

  • More on the high and low trends
  • What is the return on investment for the contributors?
  • What are the behavioral patterns of contributors such as Intel?
  • What serves as a motivator for OpenStack contributors?

Our next show is tomorrow at 11 a.m. PDT.  We’ll stream it live. The topic: Platform as a Service and the influence lightweight services have on the direction of app development. Hope to see you there.

Feature photo via Creative Commons

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