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The New Stack Turns Five, Heralding a New Era of Tech Journalism

May 3rd, 2019 3:00am by
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This week was like any other week at The New Stack except for one thing. We celebrated an anniversary. The New Stack is five years old. On April 29, 2014, The New Stack published its first post. Earlier this month we published our 5,000th story. We’ve produced more than 900 podcasts, 13 ebooks, research projects and several pancake breakfasts — some with a pancake robot by the name of Stackie.

How we look back to 2014 and forward to new times to come is entirely built in the context of scale. With scale, comes responsibility. To our readers, we are committed to providing explanation and analysis about at scale development, deployment and management. We write about the software and services that run the internet. And we will continue to do that and look for new ways to tell stories that have narratives and themes that are relevant to all who read posts, listen to our podcasts and join us for pancakes when they can.

To our sponsors, we say explanation and analysis is what drives The New Stack and their contributions are a core part of how we provide deep, technical perspectives. They are core contributors who sustain our approach. With our news team acting independently, the editorial operation we employ at The New Stack with sponsor support allows for deeper analysis and new dimensions to our coverage.

I am always humbled by how The New Stack is accepted by the people who I work with on a daily basis. To our colleagues in the market, we are indebted to you. Thank you for all of your support.

And to the team at The New Stack, thank you most of all. Our editorial and sales teams rock. Our podcast team are total rockers. The admin team rocks. Our planet roaming strategy, design and projects team — they are awesome — they rock. And to Judy, operations lead, and better other half, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lastly, who’s up for a party at OSCON in Portland this summer? We’re five — we might as well keep having fun. :)


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