This Week on The New Stack: Cloud Foundry Summit 2018

20 Apr 2018 2:00pm, by

The New Stack editorial team is reporting live this week from Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston. Thursday, we hosted a pancake breakfast and podcast discussion on the intersection of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes — Look for that podcast next week. And we’ve been hosting a day of podcasting and live streaming from the show floor where we’ve talked to companies such as Dynatrace, Pivotal, Snyk, Grape Up, and many others.

We wrapped up our coverage with a roundtable discussion about the news and some of our top takeaways so far from the keynotes and sessions for this week’s episode of the The New Stack Context podcast. We also invited Jennifer Kotzen, senior product marketing manager at SUSE to talk about the company’s new Cloud Foundry distribution, how it integrates with Kubernetes and how it’s the first to package up Cloud Foundry into containers.

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