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The Node.js Foundation, io.js and the New World of Open Source Governance

6 Mar 2015 5:58pm, by

At the Node Summit last month, Donnie Berkholz and I recorded a discussion with TJ Fontaine about a new foundation for Node.js that was announced just before the conference. It follows the formation of io.js, an npm compatible platform originally based on Node.js.

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The interview with Fontaine, project lead for Node.js, started with a bit of joking that actually proved to be quite pertinent to the issues about open source governance that have surfaced over the past several months.

Our discussion covers a lot about the balance between the needs of the big users, such as Microsoft and IBM, with the interest in pushing Node forward and trying new things.

The discussion gets into the technical future of Node with a foundation model, and how it might compare to other open source groups.

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