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A Short Stack with The New Stack at the Inaugural CoreOS Fest

14 May 2015 10:02am, by

Pancakes and a podcast, that’s the theme we came to San Francisco with for CoreOS Fest, the inaugural event by startup CoreOS. The idea: have a short stack with The New Stack. Carbs and conversation — how can you beat that?

Kelsey Hightower, product manager and chief advocate at CoreOS, joined host Alex Williams, and harsh-light-of-morning-averse co-host Donnie Berkholz, to partake in The New Stack’s pancake breakfast at CoreOS Fest, and to discuss Tectonic, package management, and shaping the appc spec. Kelsey and Donnie delved into the state of the stack market before fielding questions from the carbed-up crowd, and also re-asking the enduring question, “what is DevOps?”

“I really like what Docker has done for the market system,” says Kelsey. “I think it’s healthy competition. When they do something well, like libnetwork, there’s a lot of overlap for some of the things we’re doing in Rocket.”

The full session, with sausage, is served up as this episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast. For more episodes, check out the podcast section of The New Stack.

#42: A Short Stack with The New Stack at the Inaugural CoreOS Fest

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