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TNS Context: Grafana Loki and KubeCon Takeaways

Dec 14th, 2018 12:11pm by
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Grafana Loki and KubeCon Takeaways

This week on Context we talk with Tom Wilkie, VP of product, at Grafana Labs, which just announced a new open source log aggregation tool for Kubernetes called Loki. Unlike other log aggregation tools, Loki doesn’t index the full text of the logs, but indexes only the metadata and uses the same service discovery technology as Prometheus.

“A lot of systems don’t have that metadata and they’re really powerful for finding content in the logs, but finding where those logs came from and when they were generated, maybe what host and what version of the software, that’s really where we’ve put the focus. The same as you can with Prometheus,” Wilkie said.

Loki has already grabbed the community’s attention, appearing at No. 1 on Hacker News the day after it was announced and receiving more than 2,000 stars on GitHub. In this podcast, Wilkie talks with Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief, and Libby Clark, editorial director at The New Stack, from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in Seattle.

“We think this is super powerful because it’s going to be much easier, much more cost effective to run, much easier to operate than Elastic clusters,” Wilkie said.

Later in the show, we give our takeaways from KubeCon and CloudNativeCon. The New Stack livestreamed our podcasts from the show, held numerous pancake breakfasts and published a lot of news:

The Etcd Database Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

KubeCon: New Tools for Protecting Kubernetes with Policy

Traefik: A Dynamic Reverse Proxy for Kubernetes and Microservices

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