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TNS Context: Kubernetes SDKs and the Oracle Database as a Service

10 Aug 2018 3:48pm, by

The New Stack Context: Kubernetes SDKs and the Oracle Database as a Service

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Hello, welcome to The New Stack Context, a podcast where we review the week’s hottest news in cloud-native technologies/at-scale application development and look ahead to topics we expect will gain more attention in coming weeks.

On this week’s episode, we talk with technology evangelist Ravi Lachhman from AppDynamics, a sponsor of The New Stack, about the rise of software development kits for container orchestrators. Also joining us today are TNS Managing Editor Joab Jackson and Editor-in-Chief Alex Williams.

Lachhman wrote a post for us this week about packaging your applications for delivery in this new, complicated cloud-native world where clients and end users want choice as to where and how to install your product.

These new cloud-native distribution formats “require product managers to make decisions not only about creating the raw binaries but also about including infrastructure-as-code, cloud provider-specific automation and container orchestrator formats,” he wrote. We talk with Lachhman about how software development kits for container orchestrators are simplifying packaging and, in the process, making way for more complex workloads on Kubernetes and DC/OS.

Then, later in the show, TNS Managing Editor Joab Jackson will give us some highlights from our coverage this week, including news that Oracle is threatening to get rid of the need for database administrators with its self-securing, self-repairing autonomous cloud services. Jackson quotes Oracle founder Larry Ellison who said during the opening keynote at Oracle’s Cloud Day event on Tuesday that, “Things that you used to do, the computer will now do the work.”

Helping with hosting duties this week is TNS founder Alex Williams.


Raygun sponsored this podcast. AppDynamics is sponsor of The New Stack.