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TNS Context: Semaphore 2.0 and VMware Buys Heptio

9 Nov 2018 12:44pm, by

TNS Context: Semaphore 2.0 and VMware Buys Heptio

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Welcome to The New Stack Context podcast where today we will be discussing the release of the Semaphore 2.0 tool for continuous delivery on Kubernetes. We’ll also be discussing yet another hot acquisition — this time it’s VMware announcing plans to acquire Heptio from two original Kubernetes creators at Google. Then later in the show we’ll share our top podcast and articles on the site.

Our guest this week is Marko Anastasov, co-founder at Rendered Text, who wrote about the company’s Semaphore 2.0 product launch this week on The New Stack. Anastasov explained a bit about how Semaphore works as well as the challenges in integrating CI/CD systems.

VMware’s pending Heptio acquisition also brings up questions about the future of Kubernetes and the container ecosystem. Heptio co-founder Craig McLuckie wrote on the Heptio blog: “The missing piece is a control plane that shapes the experience in deploying and accessing cloud native technologies. It must address day 2 challenges, integrating technologies into a practical enterprise environment, and instituting policies and management capabilities. It is going to take a hard push from an engaged, enterprise-friendly company to make it real.”

Joining the discussion on VMware and Heptio were Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief of The New Stack and Joab Jackson, managing editor.

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