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TNS Eats: Santa Clara Edition

Jul 21st, 2017 3:00pm by and
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Whither, one might wonder, if one wonders such things, the withering pancake? In such a worldly place as Santa Clara, California, with such a worldly event as The New Stack Pancake Breakfast, it naturally behooved us (if, indeed, behooving is a natural thing, and the jury’s still out) to explore the question of pancakes on an international scale. Indeed, The New Stack seeks to be the first to stake a claim to international-ness in the context of pancakes, or perhaps the international domain of pancakes, and it’s our hope that we’re in time to corner the market.

For this special edition of TNS Eats Santa Clara videocast, The New Stack does not consume the town, either literally or figuratively. Rather, we polled attendees at the Cloud Foundry Summit about their experiences with pancakes outside the confines of little ol’ America. And our experience there would whip us on a whirlwind — a whip-per-whirl, if you will — where we would wind up at a popular Ethiopian restaurant, where the pancake (or something very much like a pancake, assuming Apple hasn’t patented it) is a very special part of people’s dining experiences (DX).  Watch our latest video now, and see how we take scale-out Pastry-as-a-Service (PastAs) to a whole ‘nother scale.

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