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Wasm promises to let developers build once and run anywhere. Are you using it yet?
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TNS Makers at OpenStack: Containers, Containers, Containers

May 19th, 2015 4:49pm by
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A recap of day one at OpenStack in Vancouver for some pho and a podcast. Is that how it really reads? Pho … Qieu?

Alex Williams, The New Stack: OpenStack, Live from Pho Qieu

In this podcast with Sam Charrington and Atul Jha, we discuss:

  • Tesora, the infrastructure for DBaaS on OpenStack, and their reach for the top 5 percent of the IT market.
  • The new networking; low-level challenges; and the problems with network automation.
  • Sam talks about OpenStack’s demo at the morning keynote.
  • DefCore: What is it? Are you listening, Rob Hirschfeld?
  • Containers and OpenStack.
  • Apcera and appc, the container standard.
  • VMware, containers and security.
  • Open source communities: Will there be a Docker Foundation?
  • Defense mechanisms.
  • Is OpenStack the happy medium?
  • Citrix joins OpenStack. What’s up with that?
  • And a last good bye from a restaurant with a name we won’t soon forget.
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