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TNS Makers: Google on Secure Container Storage and Why Patching Should be Obsolete

Jan 5th, 2016 1:11pm by
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In this edition of the TNS Makers podcast, we interviewed Google’s product manager Kit Merker to learn more about the Google’s container registry, launched into general availability last August. The interview took place at Dockercon EU, held November in Barcelona. Merker also spoke fluently about cloud storage, why today’s patching process is obsolete, and the snags around continuous integration and delivery, Listen here:

Google’s Kit Merker Talks Container Registries at DockerconEU


Merker on Google’s registry service:

“It’s really for the people who are in the private registry business. And we try to be the fastest, most scalable offering. We just recently did a bunch of performance improvements up to 40 percent faster downloads now with our updates as of last week. So our already fast service is even faster … We encrypt all images at rest, so we have a very secure solution. It’s also very cost effective because we charge for storage as opposed to charging for per image fees for the private registry.”

On patching virtual machines:

“Where I see one of the main pain points right now with containers is the security vector. I actually think that patching is sort of an antiquated thing we need to get rid of; we need to get rid of it. And patching as a career, it to me, is right for disruption, let’s put it that way. I’ve talked to a lot of IT teams with customers and they all seem to have this same lonely guy who maintains the golden images for the VMs and has to keep them up to date, has to make sure everybody is using the right version, and it’s a huge time sink.”

On using DevOps the right way:

“I was speaking at a little start-up thing last weekend. I got to ask …  ‘how do you know if your software development team is healthy?’ And I said one thing I look for [is] if you have any more than one person at a time on your team in an on-call situation, you are unhealthy. You need to be like, think about how you’re going to drive down your on-call and get that under control, and then there are plenty of practices out there to do it. Getting into this mindset of continuous delivery and DevOps is not just … tool driven but a lot of it is also removing your fear and using the tools to make it so you’re not doing heroics…”

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